Travel Log: Bay City

Yesterday I installed the new Nvidia drivers for my vid card. I’m hoping this will resolve some of the issues I’ve been having while boating in Second Life. I have no reason to believe the drivers will fix anything, but I can hope.

The boating problems have kept me off the seas, but I’ve been doing a lot of wandering around the grid since the start of this year. I’ve logged some time in some interesting places, so here are a few of my stops, some new, some old.

Out beyond the older regions that revolved around Miramare,
there is a vast region of sims generally known as Bay City.
Here’s a pic of the Bay City Port Authority.

Let me reassert, I’m a very big fan of this kind of Linden development. Linden has been very active out here and the work goes on. If you haven’t been out to these regions because they are “mainland”, I think you are missing something. The reason I like the whole Bay City concept is, well, it’s a city. There are roads and buildings, but there are also plots of land to buy. I haven’t checked to see if LL has wised to and set Covenants for this development, but if they hope to preserve the vision that someone obviously had for this region, they will.

Here’s another view of Bay City Port Authority.
Yes, I have my Draw Distance set high but..
why can’t LL have a Covenant that says,
no airborne structures below 500m?
Soon, this development will be another junk pile in the sky.
There are cool stores in this region, like this music store.
That’s me in the cutie outfit.
I am cute, aren’t I. Sassy too. hehe
There are fun places to discover in this region,
here’s the Falmouth Hotel! Yo!
Now, THIS is a place to party!
More on this soon.

The night I toured Bay City, I met another girl just wandering around. We hooked up and explored the Falmouth Hotel and had a blast. We talked about bringing a bunch of friends here and filling the place up, having a party. There are impediments to doing this, but this is where the idea of my adventure group was brought back to life.

A lot of us, me included, complain about the Lab. But there are things being created every day that are improving our world. Go big Lab! hehe

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