Kiff & Dina’s Amazing 5th

On Sunday, Kiff & Dina celebrated their 5th Anniversary with their many friends at Junkyard Blues. SLifers know that five years in SL is like 20 years in real life, so say more. The story of Kiff & Dina is also the story of Junkyard Blues and for those of use who’ve come to this place, year after year, it’s the place we think of as home.

I’ve been trying to think of any other Second Life couple that’s been together this long, not already having been married in real life, and I can’t think of any. I’m sure there are, but it’s really rare. I personally draw great hope for the rest of us in SL by looking to this couple as an example of what is possible. Hugs and love always Kiff & Dina.

Friends show up when friends celebrate important events,
and Kiff & Dina’s friends fill two sims.
DJ Fiery Otaared played the tunes the bluesy friends love.
Dina, always a lady, always sexy.
Kiff, always a gentleman, always handsome.

It was a huge crowd filling both sims, averaging about 70 for the entire time I was there. And of course, Dreamgirls were there in large numbers.

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1 Response to Kiff & Dina’s Amazing 5th

  1. gypsy tejas says:

    lovely party and 5 years Wow. Good pictures, Yordie


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