Second Life’s “Secret Sauce” – Part 5

The next ingredient in Second Life’s “secret sauce” could easily be considered to be two separate ingredients, or as a special seasoning blend like Tabasco Sauce or hot curry paste. Of course I’m talking about romance & sex, or just romance, or just sex, duh.

A few days ago, Wagner Jame Au published a list the top 50 sims in SL. There were several things that could be extracted from the data, but right away I recognized several romantic sims I’ve been to from time to time, like Tempura Island, Franks Place and Sweethearts. Also, I recognized several meetup spots like Gol 7, Crossroads and Ambrosia. Then there was that special category that is best described by the names of the sims themselves: Sexy Nude Beach (#2), Escort Oasis, Chained Desires and Bondage Ranch are ones that caught my eye.

The list reminded me of just how big romance and sex are in Second Life. I can easily speak from personal experience about the romantic and meetup spots, but I have little experience in the “Adult” world. I can’t pretend to be completely inexperienced in that world though (/me blushes).

My point is, if you are looking for love and romance, you can find it Second Life. Or if you just want sex, you can find that too. And if you are interested in making the most money you can from an SL business, there’s nothing that comes close to the business of catering to the fantasies of romance and/or sex crazed residents. The sex trade in SL includes nightclubs, animations, clothing, hot bodies, and “attachments.” Many things bring people to SL, but the romance & sex trade is a huge part of the economic engine.

Ingredient #5:  A unique, immersive and personal romantic and sexual experience.

I’d been to all of the romantic and meetup spots I named. And I have several clubs I like to go to each week, so I have a pretty good idea what goes on there. Here’s a couple photos from that world.

Der & Yordie @ Cloud Nine
Yeah, that’s me being swept away again by some guy.
This is Cloud 9, still going strong.
Romance lives in Second Life.

New Years 2012 @ Ambrosia
Wanna meetup with other eligible peeps, or just show off?
The place is Ambrosia and its got it all.
Romance & sex requires another person, yanno?

Then there’s all those sex sims. I’ve decided I’ll have to do some research on them. /me giggles. In fact, I am planning to do a special supplement to the Secret Sauce series in the coming days. However, I think that kind of post is more on the line of a Yordie Sands adventure. So, I’ll be posting on my other blog.

More to come, stay tuned…


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  1. Becky says:

    Hey Yordie! Now you’re walking down my street! If you want an inside scoop on the SL strip club scene, I’m your gal!


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