Starting Over, Day One, Tableau

It’s the morning of the first day. Last night after declaring that I’m Starting Over, I went to Tableau. I haven’t been there in years. The first time I went there in 2007, it was a desert town. During that era Tableau was a fascinating place with all kinds of desert town ambiance, from out of the way shacks to a mainstreet with fine stores.

I still wear this little dress (well, once in awhile).
It’s just one with fond memories.

I got some great diamond studded sandal toe heels at one of the finer shops.

And as I explored the desert I found more stores and a sophisticated little dress.

Unfortunately, I only have one photo from that trip and it’s quite embarrassing because I’m just so darned noobie looking (right).

So, enjoy making fun of me, but what did you look like in 2007?

I went back to Tableau sometime after my first trip there and it had changed dramatically from desert to something more like a small New Jersey town (just how it struck me, no reason) but with a lot of whimsy added in. Anyway, I fled because the peeps were kind of hostile as I recall.

I would have never returned to Tableau if it hadn’t been for one of the string of characters that seem to show up at my front door regularly. I never see these people but they do get logged in my greeter. And I look up their profiles and the latest peep to show up had Tableau in her pics. And seeing as she had an interesting profile, I was curious and just clicked on Teleport.

Arriving in Tableau I was glad to see it was a desert theme again. Only this wasn’t quite the scene as in the past. This was a post apocalyptic theme with giant unexploded nukes scattered about. However, there was a main street with stores and cafes and such. So I just went for a walk. I even found some really great stores, even got some darling shorts.

An overview of Tableau, almost like a scene from
that really weird movie I can’t remember the name of
(does anyone know which movie that was?).
/me rolls her eyes.
I think one of those stores is where I got my shorts,
not sure because there are like passages inside stores.

Later that night I headed over to the Junkyard to catch Bard spinning some blues. So, I’m starting over. It probably doesn’t seem like anything is different from the outside looking in, but believe me when I say things are very different.

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1 Response to Starting Over, Day One, Tableau

  1. gypsy tejas says:

    that dress is still cute — but I think you're getting some wrinkles from being in the sun too much 😉


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