Fashion For Life 2012

Fashion for Life 2012 is Second Life’s premier fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. It is not an event, it’s an experience and it can take you several days just to see all the stores. And, oh my, oh my, are there are stores. There are nine (9) themed sims each with dozens of stores and there is a fashion event sim but most importantly, there’s an entire sim devoted to the American Cancer Society.

Get yourself an American Cancer Society
necklace or pin and spend generously
on fashion items and contribute generously.
(i know, i’m wearing this same outfit again.)

I missed the opening ceremonies of Fashion for Life and I really felt awful, but I’ve been here most of the weekend and I don’t feel I’m missing anything. As I write this piece, I’ve made it to 8 of the 11 sims and I can’t wait to get back inworld and finish my tour.

I’ve been going to every single store. I’ve bought many of the L$55 special items but also I’ve bought regular priced items. I’ve shot dozens of photos, collected every Mesh demo I can find, picked up several freebies and I’ve gotten countless LMs. Also, I’m saving up for donations to honor my favorite stores, and this is not easy.

I expect to be writing several articles about Fashion for Life but I have to say this right now, BRAVO! Bravo on a magnificent display of what can be done in Second Life that can’t be done anywhere else on the Internet. I’ll be heaping more praise as all this sinks in.

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