FFL 2012 – The Sims & The Stores

Important: Before I begin, only two more days of Fashion for Life 2012 fundraiser.

From Fashion for Life 2012
Information Kit.
This post is about the shopping sims that comprise FFL 2012. I’ll devote tommorrow’s post to the American Cancer Society sim tommorrow. I spent all day Sunday going from store to store, sim to sim, and without getting hungup at any one store but I was also shooting photos. You can see all the stores in 4-6 hours. So your map and pick a favorite theme to start at. I think you can’t go wrong by starting at the central sim. Here are some of the photos I took of amazing sims, the others are in a set on my Flickr Photostream.
This is the central #5 sim named Dreamseekers It’s Time
sponsored by LeeZu/Emo-tions/Purplemoon/Azul
I arrived at night and snapped this shot.
If you go to the #1 sim you arrive as Dreamseekers Czas
sponsored by Angelwing
Also, to the north is the beautiful
American Cancer Society sim.
This is another favorite photo from
the #3 DreamSeeker Volta sim
sponsored by Sonatta Morales.

Each sim has it’s own fascinating theme, however friends have told me that they gotten lost or lost their sense of direction and that’s easy to do. So, Use your Map and Set beacons (beacons helped me a lot!) to help you navigate your way through the hundreds of stores. Use your Mini-Map too. One sim in particular was spectacular in visuals but very difficult for me to navigate through, the Bliss Couture sim; however, each sim had its own challenges.

I am 100% certain you find something you like and you find a new designer you never heard of before. Many of the Second Life fashion world is represented and I feel that the time and expense these vendors put into this project will be paid back in renewed respect and interest.

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