FFL 2012 Vendors Thank You In Pink

Fashion For Life 2012 ended last week, but I have many Mesh demos and new clothes I still have in their boxes. Also, I won two separate Raffles, one for ~Sassy!~ and one from Leri Miles Designs. I’ve been shopping at both stores and had a wonderful time at each and want to say Thank You to both of these vendors for providing Raffle prizes. In fact I want to say thank you in pink, my favorite color!

Leri Miles Designs contribute gift card
for Fashion for Life 2012.

First I want to thank Leri Miles Designs.

Here are the items I want to feature in today’s thank you.

To the right, an amazing “LMD Comfy Flannel shirt” in Blush (MESH), with “LMD Capri pants” in Pink (not MESH).

In playing with my new clothes I discovered that you can only wear one Mesh item at a time, IF you require the Tattoo layer for that item!

Hey, I’m just learning all this stuff about Mesh; please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, I’m wearing “Maitreya Gold Moxie shoes & socks” (not gifted) which require a tatoo layer.

So I had to choose which tatoo layer to use, shirt or shoes.

Then with a little more playing around I discovered that while wearing the flannel shirt, most of my poses are don’t push the limits of this item. So with my shape and AO poses, I don’t need the tattoo layer to shape my body for this shirt. It’s not perfect, but close enough. And I do love this shirt.

~Sassy!~ Designs contributed gift card
for Fashion for Life 2012.

The second Raffle prize I won came from ~Sassy!~.

And this is really a sassy little dress, it’s called “~Sassy!~ Sugar dress” in pink (not Mesh).

I’m wearing Maitreya Gold Esprit heels (not gifted) and I feel sooo hot in this outfit.

Leanna and I went through Sassy’s store yesterday, and had a grand time.

I got two great cowgirl outfits with buttocks showing (sorta… mostly).

This is yet another designer I’d never discovered before and that’s one more of the great things about experiencing FFL 2012.

I’ll be wearing more of my outfits from both stores as soon as I can get them all unpacked and matched up with shoes & jewelry.

Note: Apologies to both Leri Miles & Baiastice for getting dress mistagged in yesterday’s post.

Note: Pose by Pics & Poses.


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6 Responses to FFL 2012 Vendors Thank You In Pink

  1. marlena13 says:

    Hi! Have you tried using "add" instead of "wear" on additional layers on the same attachment point?


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    I've been reluctant to use that feature. Does it work for all viewers? I mean, if I wear two items on the same spot will it show up on V1 viewers?I remember when I was on V1.23 and saw people using that feature but the things they had added weren't really on them. Like I remember seeing jewery on the floor and things like that.Also, can you Add extra tatoo layers?


  3. marlena13 says:

    Add is an LL supported function,so if it's in your viewer, then yes, use it. The stuff on the floor and such was from the old Emerald viewer's "extra" attachment points, which LL never supported, and was one of the many reasons LL banned Emerald. You can have up to 5 layers per attachment point, tatts, alphas, boots clothes. Great for makeup. Just wear the bottom layer. add the rest. Hope this helps


  4. Yordie Sands says:

    That's GREAT to know Marley! Thanks sooo much. hugs


  5. Sue Hunniton says:

    I've never tried that either! I'll have to give it a try too. P.S. Thanks for the mention on the pose. It looks great on you!


  6. Yordie Sands says:

    I love the poses, Sue. I use them exclusively now. Hugs


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