BLVD Agency’s Spring 2012

Leanna and I went to the BLVD & Opium Mardi Gras a few weeks ago and had a great time, so when I heard about BLVD Agency’s Spring 2012 Collective show I was certain she’d want to go. And she did and that’s where we went on Saturday afternoon.

The event was a concept by Frolic Mills, so we were prepared for something spectacular. The beautiful and charming Kay Fairy Earnshaw narrated the show while Sofia Diage-Horatio deejayed. And the featured designers were GizzA, Snowpaw, Solidea Folies, Sytles by th Gotters and CCD Jewelry.

Here are some photos I shot at the event. However, please note that the photo quality is very poor due to problems I had with models & clothing rezzing. I got very few clean shots of individual models but the ones I did were just catch-as-catch-can and pure luck. So, apologies for poor quality and for missing so many of the great models.

It was a magnificent layout
with three sims wrapped around
the runway & staging sim.
The show was spectacular,
even the sim crash about
midway in the event!
I was able to snap individual models
Fann Hyun, Natzuka Milandrovic and Liam Nelizen
but clean shots were hard to get.
Ok, I confess.
GizzA is one of my favorite designers.
A grand finale for designer fashions
as models promenade around the runway.

The stage design was by nexuno Thespian & Willilicious Georgette, and the show directors were Kay Fairey & Ponchituti Boucher. Btw, the invitation was a work of art in itself, by Regi Yifu.

There was a second show on Sunday, but I’m sorry to say we missed it. I’m certain we’ll be attending many more in the future though.

More about photography: I’ve been wondering since the event. I’m pretty sure my pc has enough horsepower and my broadband is strong. Maybe I’d have had better luck with my photography if I’d been on one of the other sims? I did notice that rezzing was better after the sim crash, but it was still irregular. When I was at Mardi Gras I was able to get better photos because I would focus on floats as soon as they rezzed and by the time they passed my vantage point I’d had a long time for them to fully rez. I’ll try different techniques in the future and any suggestions will be appreciated. /me scratches her head.

That’s me and Leanna waiting for show to begin.
Hugs LeLe.

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