Mr. Crap’s link led me to this very insightful post about Second Life’s past and where it’s going. It has relevance to my quest to find the ingredients in SL’s secret sauce.

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A post full of quotes today – the title itself is a fragment of a frequently used platitude, derived from the opening lines of The Go Between by LP Hartley, (not to be confused with JR Hartley, of course, who was simply an advertising gimmick gone viral, before the term had ever been coined). The full version of the misquote tends to be a variation along the lines of ‘The future is a foreign country: they do things differently there’, but it was another quote entirely – in fact, not even a quote, rather a blog post straight from the horses’ mouth – that starting the cogs spinning in my head. Here it is…

Philip Linden, 7th April 2006:“I’m not a gamer, and SL isn’t a game. From the start, we/LL observed that something like SL would have it’s first uses in entertainment, and then grow beyond…

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