Then There Were Rough Seas

Tonight, Leanna & Merry came aboard The Sea Girl for the next adventure onto the Second Life seas. It started out like this, LeLe and I headed out to check things out before bringing on another passenger. I discovered that conditions seemed a little “choppy” but not bad enough to call of recruiting another friend to help us explore this new discovery. So, once LeLe and I were relatively comfortable, we called some friends and fortunately Merry was able to join us.

LeLe and me heading off
on the first leg of our shakedown cruise.

I did a quick run up and down the channel at the eastern end of the sea, and things seemed to checkout ok for all of us. Then I turned the boat west and we headed toward the Blake Sea. I told the girlfriends I’d be running at top speed, so holler if anything goes wrong. And for a about five sims we were doing great but both LeLe and I notices a lot more boats and many planes enjoying the new sim crossing freedom too. Then poof, Merrymay was gone, only we didn’t know she was gone and for a minute or so neither did she. hehehehe.

Merry tp’d back and her #1 avi poofed
but left her skirt behind in the boat.
That’s the real Merry overboard.

Apparently what happened was at one sim crossing Merry got tossed into Sim Crossing Netherworld. The problem was one of those where she was frozen, so she had to relog. And when she got online, we tp her back to the boat to join us. The funny thing is, her body had been with us all along. Yeah, it was one of those situations where her avi existed on two sims simultaneously, but when she tp’d back avi #1 poofed.

So everybody found a safe place onboard,
dried off and we were off again,
deep into the Black Sea.

Things went pretty good from this point forward. However, both Merry and Leanna had one additional harrowing moment each, and each time it was hard to be sure anyone had a problem till they said something. Ntl, it was a simple fix, I stopped the boat, they tp’d back and found safer and safer places to ride, plus they both started using duct tape to hold important body parts and clothes on when I hit particularly gnarly crossings (not all servers are running same versions of software, so maybe that’s why there are diffs).

Regardless of our problems along the way, I was able to set a course and navigate through the twists and turns of the islands that lead to the SS Galaxy. We lost Merry on the last sim crossings, but she joined us at the docks and we all stopped for a few minutes to collect our wits… and laugh nervously. /me giggles

That’s us docked at SS Galaxy.
And that’s LeLe duct taped to the bow.

Here’s the thing though: we crossed at least 40 sims at high-speed and that would have been unheard of before the improved sim crossings were put in place. We had our viewers set to high Draw Distance. The boat didn’t crash once, nor did I. And we saw many people out there seemingly enjoying this new freedom too (I think that created some of our problems, btw). And in the end, I think we had a real adventure.

LeLe, Merry and I hungout on the dock after our adventure.
I could tell they both realized we were doing something cool.
And both got the link to buy
Michie Yokosuka’s Street Dancer speedboats.
Dang, I really am a tall girl, aren’t I.

I’ll admit that the problems we experience caused me concern but one thing I’m certain of sim crossings have improve by at least 70-80% from my past experience.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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9 Responses to Then There Were Rough Seas

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Hi Noodle, I noticed that Firestorm 3.3 would hurl me into the netherworld after 3 sims. However, even with Phonix 1.6.0 I needed to go slow across sim crossings.I don't know where the Lab fixed this or Phoenix 1.6.1 has. I'm thinking it is the Lab because the friends I've taken have had good sim crossigns with me, except for Merry's experience which still wasn't that bad.


  2. Noodle says:

    Sim crossing is better than it has been during the past few months. It's been so bad that sailing was next to impossible. I use the latest Firestorm, Phoenix and Linden viewers. All work great, and the sim crossing is similar. Ahh, the first love… Now you got me dreaming 🙂


  3. Had a blast.. thanks Yordie.Hugs


  4. Yordie Sands says:

    Thanks Wolf, although I didn't see a noticeable difference after the rollout but I was only travelling by myself.That evening things got worse but still far superior to things a month or so ago. I mean, with 3 people running full speed across 40 sims that's really remarkable for my experience.Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to dig a little deeper.


  5. I can confirm that sim crossing have been better, but things got worse after the RC Server rollout on Wednesday. I can't rule out other causes, but things have been bad since then.It does depend, a lot, on the vehicle being used. I have a free helicopter which will outrun some of the fancy jet fighters.


  6. Yordie Sands says:

    Hi Noodle… have you noticed the improved sim crossing conditions? I'm very curious if my experience is isolated or viewer specific.I'd like to try sailing. It's my first love. You have a cool blog! Maybe it is time to think of some sailing again, that's where I began my SL boating.btw, what viewer are you using?


  7. Yordie Sands says:

    I'm finding it hard to believe that this is happening, but I can recall being alone out on those seas and being tossed into the sim crossing netherworld even when going slow.I want to scout out other boaters and see what they are experiencing. Also I'm going to be trying the FS 4 Viewer and see if it works with that too.


  8. Noodle says:

    Ahoy! Your clothes are being ripped off by the speed of those stinkpotters? Call me sometimes, and I'll show you some real sailing in real virtual sailboats with wind and stuff. Could be fun, right?


  9. Mera says:

    Wonderful!! yay! What an accomplishment for SL & LL =)


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