“When Second Life is at its best…”

The Day of the Dolphin

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The words I’ll use to complete the idea about Second Life’s secret ingredient come from a line I heard in the movie The Day of the Dolphin.

Here’s the original line spoken by the lead character, Dr. Jake Terrell, as he explains his revolutionary work with dolphins: “I haven’t felt since I was a child; That there are infinite possibilities.”

I can’t say that the original thought was from the movie. I did a little research and found it has become a popular idea in many writings.

So, without a clearer source, I attribute it to the movie writer. Here’s the idea I wordsmithed out of  the movie’s line. It’s my explanation of  secret ingredient:

When Second Life is at its best there are infinite possibilities.

I think my sentence is the kind of idea needed to explain the amazing experience which can happen when you realize you’re not only enjoying entertainment and friendships, but you see beyond the moment and beyond anything you imagined.

Second Life can be an experience where your spirit can be ignited. Sometimes, and unfortunately,  it requires luck, but if you are lucky you see things you never imagined were possible or maybe you hoped were possible. And when everything is going well and you forget your a human in a virtual world, sometimes, something inside of you can envision a way forward where you, yourself can create places and events and things and communities. That might be the best of all.

I believe the feeling of boundless possibilities can experience again and again in Second Life, if you are willing to reach out and explore. Sometimes you have to accept imperfections. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you just can’t invest the time. But when you are at your best and SL is at its best, it’s magic.

As in many of the things I write, there’s a “Then there’s this” line (it’s the Gemini thing).

Then there’s this, I believe this experience is much different than just a huge “Wow!” or “Whoa, that is soooo cool!” You can get all the “wow” you need in, well, WoW or zillions of other shoot’em up and RP games.

So that’s my idea. That’s how I see the secret ingredient in Second Life’s “Secret Sauce”. Did I get it right? And was it good?

I’ll pick up where I left of ont the ingredients of  the secret sauce in the coming days; hope you’ll stay tuned.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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4 Responses to “When Second Life is at its best…”

  1. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    Hey Yordie, great new blog;-) Hugs, Ami


    • Yordie Sands says:

      Thanks Ami… I’m glad you found it and like it. I’m making this blog a more conversational blog, even some real life stuff. Also going to be writing some more stories for my novel. Hugs & love always


  2. Sue Hunniton says:

    Amen! I think we’ve all had unfortunate experiences here. But, it’s the boundless possibilities that keep us coming back for more. And, as long as we believe that to be true, our SL can be better than our wildest dreams. At least, that’s what I’ve found to be how it is for me. *hugs*


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