Have Sim-Crossings Been Fixed?

I really don’t like spending my time testing sim crossings, but my curiosity continues to drive me.

Is the Sim-Crossing Problem Fixed?
I’ve been thinking about recent sim crossing improved experience. I’ve learned that when I’m with friends with different viewers, the smooth sim crossings I’ve been experiencing isn’t necessarily shared. I’ve also noticed that the seas are a lot more crowed lately with peeps in boats & planes, and many peeps are crossing sims at high speed. So, I believe the viewer plays a big part (of course, other factors include broadband speed, computing power, strong enough video card.) But I believe the Lab is on the right track and this problem is Fixed for a noticable number of peeps.

So, When Did Problem Get Fixed?
I looked back in my main blog for clues as to when the problem was fixed. I found a post on November 6, 2011 (about 5 months ago) that indicated to me that problem was in full force. And I recall the agony of being tossed out of my boat, relogging, then going to find the boat.  So it wasn’t fixed back then. I was running Phoenix 1.5 (1185) at the time. I’m sorry to say I don’t know when I converted to Phoenix 1.6, but I know I was reinstalled Phoenix after my failed attempt to use Firestorm 3.3 on February 26th.  Here’s where it gets grey because I’d become accustomed to slowing down for sim crossings during that time and I’m sorry to say I didn’t notice the improvement until March 27th.

Was It the Video Drivers?
I’ve been looking for explanations, who fixed the problem? When I checked, I noticed that I had installed Nvidia driver update 295.73 on February 21st. But as I’m pretty sure that didn’t fix the problem because of post I did on February 26th, “… I retested travel on the seas and although the seas are not so great lately, I was able to travel over a dozen sim crossings without crashing.” So this may rule out the improvements being related to the new drivers.

Is The Fix Viewer Specific?
In my testings I’ve proven beyond a reasonable doubt, for my configuration, the sim crossing problem clearly has been fixed in Phoenix 1.6.1. I’ve also proven it is not fixed in Firestorm 4 and I’ve seen some indications that the problem still exists in Viewer 3. Some of my tests were done with passengers, and about half of my passengers experience the sim crossings without incidents (one of my successful passengers was running Phoenix 1.5, the other running Exodus). So, I’m coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t something Phoenix fixed, but they have compatible code, as does Exodus.

Then Why Doesn’t Viewer 3 Work?
My tests were NOT rigorous or scientific, but I’ve made a case that some viewers (Phoenix & Exodus) in some computer configurations can make virtually seamless sim crossings. And I believe I’ve ruled out updated video drivers as the reason.

So, I believe the Fix occurred between February 26th – March 27th.

I’m left with the conclusion that something that was done at Linden Lab during that period resulted what I believe is a Fix. If my skimpy evidence about LL’s Viewer 3 is correct, then why didn’t the Fix work on the Lab’s principal viewer?

More Questions
There are still a few of questions. I haven’t really determined if the Fix works on mainland sims (class 4 servers), but I’m reasonably certain that estates (class 5 servers) and homesteads are good (certainly if they are mostly water), so I need to give the mainlands some testing. And is I haven’t given other viewers, specifically Viewer 3, a test. So those questions should be answered.

*But the big question is, did Linden Lab make a modification to server code that was intended to fix the sim crossing problem?

UPDATE: Cinders (@lointaine)
I can narrow that down for you: Bluesteel
This is again the “threaded region crossing” project. scheduled 2012-03-21
Prototype threaded region cross for agents. Uses the new threaded RPC/thread state machine mechanism.
Also, last month LL did a huge upgrade moving many of the Class 5 servers to Class 7 servers, and therefore better performance all around.

Sim Crossings @ Junkyard Blues_012

Yes, there was a single sim crossing blip
on one of the 30 sim crossings
I made on Easter.

I think its fair to say, Bravo Linden Lab!

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8 Responses to Have Sim-Crossings Been Fixed?

  1. Helloo!!! Have a stupid question, I think you posted about another program in which you can create sims? I downloaded it, accidentally deleted it without realizing and would like to download again. Was hoping it was in my recycle bin but no such luck! Thanks!


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    I know I should pay attention to technical updates but I really just want to be a users. This answers so many questions.


  3. I can narrow that down for you:

    This is again the “threaded region crossing” project. scheduled 2012-03-21
    Prototype threaded region cross for agents. Uses the new threaded RPC/thread state machine mechanism.

    Also, last month LL did a huge upgrade moving many of the Class 5 servers to Class 7 servers, and therefore better performance all around.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      Wow! Thank you Cinders! That is exactly the kind of info I was hoping for. And the Class 7 info is huge news too. Do you know why Viewer 3 or Firestorm might be having problems with the crossings? I haven’t personally tested V3 yet.


      • Basically the same reason teleports are slower in those two viewers. 🙂 A LOT of stuff happens when you cross a sim seam. There’s a sim capabilities mechanism that seems a little slower in v2+ code. The region you’re leaving reads all your attachments, display name, groups, etc etc etc, passes them to the next region which then has to load it all.

        While it’s handling all this, your viewer tries to calculate where you should end up based on velocity. This is where things like rubberbanding comes in. If you take longer to cross than the viewer expects you should, you may end up floating up into the air and then SNAP back to your actual position when the region finally connects you.

        One small tip that might help, if you know you’re going to cross sims, (or really I just disable it entirely as it’s not really any benefit to me) Disable HTTP Inventory and/or HTTP Textures under the Advanced menu (I think that’s where it is, might be under Develop)


        • Yordie Sands says:

          Thanks again, Cinders. I was wondering what the mechanism was for that sim crossing code is. Its cool to learn that the code is watching where you are going and begins packaging you up to pass over, so to speak. Very cool.

          I’m really glad to know that the sim crossing mechanism on V2+ code is different. My experience has been mostly in using Firestorm though, and it just hurls me into Sim Crossing Netherland after about 5 high-speed sims crossings (consistently) or 8 slow-speed crossings. Seems like something is just getting filled up then pop. hehe


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