Second Life’s “Hidden Toxins”

I was about to plunge back into my quest for the next ingredient in Second Life’s secret sauce, but I’ve been mulling a follow-on to this series.

I’m thinking about “Second Life’s Hidden Toxins” or some such thing. I’m sorry to say that if it wasn’t for the toxins maybe SL would rule the virtual world, so to speak. I’m going to do a lot more research before starting. I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to find some significant ones.

Care to help?

If anyone would like to provide me some input on Second Life’s hidden toxins, I’ll appreciate your help. Please just make a comment about your pet peeve, and/or drop in a link to a post you’ve written or like.

(More to come)


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I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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10 Responses to Second Life’s “Hidden Toxins”

  1. Becky says:

    Yordie. I have loads of stuff I’ve written about what I see to be toxins in SL… Not sure if we define it the same way, but here is a sample:

    On thoughtless defriending of people you once cared about:

    On the challenge of timezones and the impermanence of relationships in SL:

    On the harmful effect of words that are said behind the veil of anonymity:

    On the common view that everything in SL should be easy and fun:

    Hmmm, now that I review how keen I was to write about these subjects, I realise how really negative a few months ago!! Glad to be out from under that cloud! Good luck, and of course, I eagerly anticipate this coming series!


    • Yordie Sands says:

      thanks Becky… i can’t say this will be a fun exercise, but it will be interesting. i have written a pile of stuff too. i might get buried before i start. hahaha


  2. I would definitely add the emptiness of the (mainland) world. You run into a cool sim and there’s just noone there. Must also be a boon for builders. Today I’ve researched airports on Sansara and I’ve seen literally noone else.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      oh geez, yes. the mainland has it’s own list of toxins. i’m a wanderer, an explorer and love the notion of a mainland, but the mainland is a disaster even great areas like the blake sea are contaminated here and there. oh my… that’s a series in itself.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      OH YES! So much land, so many builds and no poeple. That’s on my list too.


  3. isfullofcrap says:

    I’ve had a notepad open for a while with this question at the top.

    So many rants over the years, and yet… it’s blank.

    The magic is in the transformation from “looking at” to “being in.”
    The magic is in the transformation from “alone” to “being with.”
    The magic is in the transformation from “clueless” to “empowered.”

    The toxic is whatever disrupts and gets between you and that magic transformation from application to world, from disconnection to connection.

    So much potential, so many opportunities wasted, so many promises not kept… and now that which remains has become… mundane? Frustrated? Betrayed?

    I’ll ponder it more.



    • Yordie Sands says:

      WOW… love the “magic”! Yeah, when everything is working it is magic. Sometimes we are lucky and get that magic going, but there are so many things that screw it up bad. Thanks Mr Crap.


  4. Mera says:

    Huge black or pink boxes people calls houses and rotating glowing ads and all GRIEFERS who spams all over mainland with particles and stuff . Otherwise I l love mainland and I will stay and fight it to the bitter (sweet i hope!) end :O)


    • Yordie Sands says:

      oh yeah, I remember your post on that “house” next to you. I think the mainland needs some real rethink. And Greifers… i wonder how many people they chase away; not to mention the trolls who spew in so called welcome area… ghettos. I love the mainland too… i like to wander and explore.


  5. Yordie Sands says:

    I’ve been thinking about these toxins, the things that spoil SL. I wondering if they should be grouped into two categories: LL Issues and Resident Issues.

    Also maybe Broadband issues (this can really hurt the experience if some peeps can’t participate) and Computer issues (not everyone’s computer meets minium system requirements). And then maybe, Viewer issues? Just thinking out loud here.


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