Flying Above The Blake Sea

Shortly after signing in yesterday, I hooked up with my new friend from out of the skies, my helicopter pilot pal. We hooked up on voice (really a good idea for pilots or skippers of boats)then within minutes we were in his copter and headed up over the Blake Sea.

Whoa! The Blake Sea from above is just sooo cool. And being in that tough looking copter was amazing! I’d only been up in a copter a couple times and for practical purposes, I’ve never gone flying. I think flying might be even cooler than zooming around in my speedboat.

Yordie & Antares Hunting for Kills
That’s me in the gunners seat
(no I didn’t know how to use the weapons)
and Antares in the pilots seat.
Bitchin’ aircraft, no?
The Blake Sea from Above
Here we are flying around sightseeing .
We landed at several locations and airports.
Yordie in the Apache
Ok, do I look tough or what!
I had on the copter’s HUD but
had no idea how to use it.
Looking for Something to Bomb
Here we are in a WW II bomber.
I can’t remember the name of this one but
it was really great exploring from above the Blake Sea.
(We were looking for something to bomb though.)
Checking Out A Sailboat
We decide to get back in the copter
and go looking for things to use the weapons on.
And we were eyeing this beautiful sailboat
when I realized it was my neighbors at
Martha’s Vineyard. hehe

The second time we took up the Apache we went on the hunt for other warplanes, boats and submarines operating in a special area of the sea. Now, I’m ashamed to say that in the heat of battle I failed to get photos of the action. It was amazing, we shot down a very aggressive Tom Cat (yeah, like Mav’s plane in Top Gun). The pilot even ejected, parachuted to safety, then was picked up by a Coast Guard rescue copter. It was exciting and I just forgot to take pics (/me shakes her head woefully). Also, we shot down another Apache, also cool.

Yeah, I had a great time. I hope to do it again sometime because there’s soooo much Blake Sea. And yeah, I’ll be buying me a plane too, but not sure I want a warplane. I mean, wow, the warplances are hot but I’m afraid some top gun will come shoot me down. hehe. It was amazing fun. Thanks for a great evening, Antares!!

Update: Oh geez, I used “yeah” to extinction in this post. I’m soooo sorry, it was like “wow” but that is extinct too. I need some new exclamations. chYeah!


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4 Responses to Flying Above The Blake Sea

  1. Antares says:

    I really enjoyed your company while flying in my heli and plane. i had a great time and I am looking forward to when we can go out and shoot some "bad guys" down again or just do some more sight seeing. 🙂 Antares


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    Oh yeah Antares! Let's shoot those bad guys. I soooo wish I had shot pics of that Tom Cat shoot down!


  3. SecondLifer says:

    those are some great pictures!


  4. gypsy tejas says:

    OMG this post took me back to the two helicopter tours I've taken in my life. I could ride in a helicopter in real life all day. REALLY !


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