Titanic On The Blake Sea

I’d been reading about it for days. April 14th at 11:40pm it would be the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Prim Perfect has done several articles about it. Treet.tv did a vid called Exploring the Titanic – Virtually and there were other inworld articles. I’m not sure how many Titanics there are in Second Life but the one most people are familiar with is the RMS Titanic. However, last night my friend Altares found a version of Titanic I’d never heard of before at the Hawser sim (the one with all the pirates) on the Blake Sea.

I had almost forgotten about any of the ceremonies related to Titanic’s anniversary, but when I got inworld my astute airman friend, Antares, was already in the air circling this amazing build. I joined him aboard his wicked Apache and we approached the event.

The Titanic sat on the Blake Sea last night.
Antares piloted us toward the ship from the aft section.
We looked for a place to land.
The ship stretched across Hawser sim diagonally.
It was breathtaking from afar and up close.
I’m sorry to say we never found out
who created this ship or held the event
(other than it was the pirate group).
Antares and I took a few minutes to try for
one of those couple on the bow photos.
As we left this event on the Titanic
the crew was setting off a fireworks display.

The only think I can add is I returned in the wee hours to get a landmark for this ship, but when I returned the ship was gone. I suppose it was symbolically sunk to commemorate the loss. The aircraft carrier that usually sits on Hawser has returned.

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