Finally Made It To Pose Fair!

I’ve been wanting to spend some time exploring Pose Fair 2012 and yesterday I got started. And shortly after, my friend Antares joined me and together we waddled through the lag. OK, stop with snarky remarks about lag! /me smiles. The reason there is so much lag at a pose fair is simple, they are running zillions of scripts on those sims.

I enjoyed hanging out at the Fair. I bought a couple specialty HUDs, one called Cheerleader (oh yes!) and one called Ninja. I can’t wait for opportunities to play; does anyone else wanna dress up and go cheer something with me? All I have are football cheer leading outfits though.

Anyway, there are dozens and dozens of shops, some are a bit small thought. Yanno, when you hop on a pose stand your view is on the outside of a wall. Regardless of inconveniences, I want to go back today and look for more amazing poses and anims and AOs and whatnot (yeah, there’s some of that too).

This is the first thing I saw when I arrived!
My guess is it was Mesh. So if you are running V1.23,
that’s what it looks like.
That’s me of course posing in front of that amazing statue.
That’s me on an AO in a flying, dropping pose.
I didn’t get this one but it was my style.
That’s me and Antares trying out one of the photography poses.
Yeah, funny thing about his feet being missing,
he is a very big guy (and good looking /me blushes).

More information: Second Life is featuring the Pose Fair event in Destination Guide. Check it, yo!

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