Returning to The Real World – Reprise

I got distracted again. After writing Returning to The Real World post a week ago, the winds of change that are constantly tossing me hither and yon, tossed me hither and yon. So I’m back where I was, picking up those themes.

Second Life’s “Secret Sauce” – THUD
Well, I’m kinda back, but something happened along the way last week. I came across the following Will Wright video. Will Wright is a member of the Linden Lab board and creator of The Sims empire, so he has real gaming credentials.

I’ve followed Mr Wright’s ideas for some time. In fact, his early vision had an influence on an artificial intelligence & experiential learning project I’d been working on since the mid-1990s. So when Will speaks, I listen. Btw, Mr Wright is not speaking about Second Life specifically.

Unfortunately, as I listened to Mr Wright’s insights, I came to recognize the kind of thinking that might be driving the Linden Lab boardroom? I came to wonder if sense of what Second Life is, is at the abstract level? That may be very important for some kinds of “visioning” and for creating strategic plans, but I don’t see how that kinds of Tech-Visionary-Speak is going to reveal SL’s “secret sauce.”

Nagging thought: I keep wondering this, if Second Life was Disneyland, would you expect to find the executives visiting “the Magic Kingdom”, testing the attractions, mingling with the customers? I’d like to think the answer is yes, but maybe at the exec level they are just satisfied with directives, plans, metrics and cashflow? Of course, if the CEO was Walt Disney then I’d be able to answer the question with a resounding, Yes! Just wondering out loud.

I intend to complete my series about the secret sauce because I want to. I’m certain others have explained the SL phenomenon in articles I have yet to discover. However, I have read some very insightful pieces in the past year. Still, I  just want to explain the secret sauce from my own point of view.

More to come


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2 Responses to Returning to The Real World – Reprise

  1. Mera says:

    I guess the secrete sauze might be different for different peoples. But their might be something that attracts more of us than other things. And that is…. yes! what is that???! Answer now woman!! :}


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    Oh yes, Mera, that’s the beauty of SL, there’s all those “other things”

    I’ve been sooooo distracted from this project but i’m back on the case soon. Now i’m off for a long trip.


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