Speed Check

I’ve been real concerned that sim crossings are broken. Antares and I had some problems last couple times we went up in the helicopter and I’ve been seeing things on other blogs and in comments. But I haven’t done one of my ocean sim speed tests by myself, all low primmed and stripped of scripts.

So, I craved out some time, rezzed The Sea Girl and headed out through the SL New England sims to the Blake Sea. And right away, the sim crossings in SLNE were rough, slingshot effect and my view was disoriented. I continued on though figuring that maybe on sims with less prims and scripts things would be better. Anyway, here’s what I found.

After I got out of the northeastern sims,
I hit the Blake Sea and took off fast.
I cruised at high speed for about 20 sims.

As far as I’m concerned, the sim crossings seem ok for an individual in a 30 prim boat on the Blake Sea. I have to say that I’m concerned that the crossings up in the northeastern sims are olden times with one exception, no crashes.

Next time Antares and I get together I’ll see how we do. He is running Singularity so that’ll be a good test.  If anyone is interested, I’m running Phoenix on Windows 7 with DSL 3.0/0.7.

Jus sayin

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