What Next? A Yacht?

Ok, how do you forget something like that yacht Wizzy owns. It was a bad (interpretation: good) ride! And so I started poking around. Today, I went over to Cigar Yachts and I’m getting kinda in the mood for a big change. Here’s what I’m talking about…

Is that not amazing or what?
Its their top of the line Cigar Yacht and it’s a beauty!
I’m kinda partial to this white one though,
isn’t it just all white and beautiful!
Checkout this cabin, Yo!
Ok, here’s the deal, yes of course I want it…
But isn’t this too big for a girl to go zooming around in?
Seriously, this is serious macho stuff here.

I think these yachts are amazing. They are also very expensive, like the one I like is L$12,000! So I can’t afford to buy this then be afraid to actually use it. And I was looking for a place to anchor it too. As in real life, buying a yacht is the joyous part of this then there’s the port you anchor at. There are portage fees no matter where you go. But there’s a part of me that my rational side is squishing right now, it’s saying, “can you imagine the parties we could have with girlfriends!” YO!

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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