Japan Project Garden II

I’ve begun following up on leads given to me by readers and exploring Japanese gardens in Second Life. The first lead I got pointed me to the Japan Project Garden II. So I dusted off my prettiest kimono, grabbed my camera and teleported across the pixelated universe into the beautiful region. Here is a photo study of what I found.

Japan Project Garden II
This is the scene near the entrance.
One thoughtful feature of this garden is
there is a couples strolling system.
What could be better than enjoying chatting
while strolling such a lovely garden.
Japan Project Garden II
This is me in my favorite Sweetaholic kimono.
/me bows with respect and says…
konnichiwa visitor san.
Japan Project Garden II
In addition to the garden, there is a view
into a wonderful mountain landscape.
Japan Project Garden II
This is my favorite photo from the set I shot.
I just love the field of lowers with
the mountains looming high in the distance.

I believe the Japan Project garden is a lovely place to visit and shoot photos. I’m going to add this to my Zen garden tab because there are two rock gardens for you to discover behind the large pavilion.

You can find more photos from my visit on Flickr.

More gardens to come…


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