Scuba Diving Off Sirens Isle

I’d peeked below the surface at Siren’s Isle in the past and I thought it might be fun to explore. So, one of the things I wanted to try was get some friends together and head over for some scuba diving.

On Saturday afternoon, I contacted friends and invited them to join me at SS Galaxy for a boating trip to Sirens Isle. It took a lot of time to get organized because most of the group hadn’t been scuba diving yet. I had what I thought were some freebie outfits which turned out to be a real problem, so we scrounged around looking for scuba gear. Finally, Tippy found some scuba gear for only L$50 on Marketplace and quickly our group suited up for the journey.

Yordie Sands is the author of The Temporal Expeditions

This is my cool pink scuba gear.

Yordie Sands is a blogger, writer, photographer, and gamer.

Speeding Toward Sirens Isle by Canary Beck

This is a photo by Canary Beck, Becky,
which captured us floating deep below the surface.
It was scenes like this that caused the girlfriends
to become immersed in those special feelings
you can only get while scuba diving.

I remember my first time going scuba diving at JDC Dive World and I could re-experience that amazement through my friends. I know there are four converts to scuba diving. Here’s one other thing. I had a brief chat with the owner of a scuba magazine a few days ago. I told him I had only done Second Life scuba and I was surprised that while he was totally into real life scuba, he had been in SL as well. Scuba is a unique experience in any world I think.

NOTICE: Friends have contacted me when they heard about the scuba adventure and they want to go. So I’d like to set these little expeditions up about once a month. I know of several places to scuba on the Blake Sea but also another dozen spots on private estates. Just let me know if you want to go with my group.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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10 Responses to Scuba Diving Off Sirens Isle

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments about this scuba adventures. I've been gathering friends for another dive soon. I'm even thinking of doing dives regularly, maybe every other month but at least once a quarter. Let me know who is interested.


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    I'll be darned, Dahlia! Great minds think alike. I'll checkout for you posts and pics about your dive. We should get together again soon. There are about a dozen friends interested in another dive. Most have never been before. I have to give my ex credit fot getting me into scuba. Be sure to get one of those orange scuba suits, only L$50 on Marketplace. Search for scuba.


  3. Dahlia Sweet says:

    Hi Yordie! Your scuba date came only a day or two after mine, also at Siren's Isle. It was my first scuba there too, and I met/saw three different mermaids while I was there. They passed me some information that I'll share with you for locations friendly to mer-people. By the way, I LOVE your colourful scuba suits! You look great in all your photos. =)


  4. Looking forward to the next dive… it was a blast!


  5. Very nice blog! Greetings from Belgium, Frank.


  6. BUITRICO says:

    Used to dive….Unique experience…Comparable to space travel and visiting "other worlds…


  7. Love the photos. Your first scuba vacation looks like you had a wonderful time.


  8. Emma Geraln says:

    Great post, love those pictures 🙂


  9. Canary Beck says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  10. Canary Beck says:

    This was my first SCUBA experience in SL, and I found it absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad to hear you're organising a trip at least once per month – I'm definitely in. Thanks Yordie 🙂


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