Four Aces

On Sunday there was a big party planned for girlfriend Gracee. It was a theme party and all we knew was Alice in Wonderland. So, girlfriend Sommer had a mighty fine idea I must say. She thought four of us girls should dress up as cards. When I arrived inworld Sommer and Tippy had already gotten their outfits, so I scrambled to get mine. Then when Leanna logged in we jumped her and dragged her over to *DOLLCOCO* where she got hers. Here’s what I’m talking about in photos:

Gracee's 5th Rez Day Party

That’s me posing in my new Ace of Diamonds outfit.

Gracee's 5th Rez Day Party

And from left to right: Sommer, Tippy, Leanna & Yordie

Ok, this is just some showing off. It’s a tip of the hat to *DOLLCOCO*. Oh, and this is some cool Mesh, no? You should see what we looked like to non-Mesh viewers. And it’s off to the party.


About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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13 Responses to Four Aces

  1. cute. you know what they say about the Ace of Spades…

  2. oh wow Yordie! I’ve never been to DOLLCOCO, but those card mesh outfits are AMAZING!

    wowwww!! :))

  3. Leanna Chaffe says:

    It was definitely a hoot!!!!!

  4. Nice, 2 bad my love refuses to use mesh viewers, i’d love to use a few mesh things on my own.

  5. She has firestorm and singularity, just refuses to fire them!
    Ans she knows how i refused to use mesh viewers until latest Nvidia release, cause till then, graphics where much worse then imprudence ones (When we tried both to login and walk on our OSGrid regions with firestorm we almost cried, as all looked at that time so blured compared with imoprudence!)
    But i hope that she will try firestorm as im using only Niran’s viewer and starting to use the profile feed pics feature and she cant see the pics im taking unless she goes to the site.
    Niran will be really hard for her to use, she just does not want to waist time like me, learning a new interface that is not easy at all nor intuitive unless using shortcut keys!

    • Yordie Sands says:

      I know there are many peeps who won’t move any futher down the viewer trail. I’m kinda there myself, but we you go to enough events where people are wearing mesh, it starts to become an incentive. My friend Marley is a big fan of Niran too.

    • Yordie Sands says:

      And yeah, I’m with her on not wanting to learn the new interface. I’m hopeful Firestorm will fix the bug that causes fatal hangs & crashes on sim crossing. I found Firestorm 4’s V1 interface to be very useable. Unfortunately, the bug that keeps me from adapting is only significant to people like me who cross a lot of sims while boating. I worry that it may never get fixed.

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