Our Sea Cruise On SS Galaxy

Sea Cruise 2012 @ SS Galaxy
In case you’ve never seen SS Galaxy there it is!
It occupies three entire sims
and has everything the finest cruise liners have.

A couple weeks ago, friends joined me for something I was calling Sea Cruise 2012. In essence, Leanna and I checked into a suite aboard SS Galaxy cruise ship early in the week, then started inviting friends to drop by and hang out.

I made an attempt to send out a formal invite but before I finished I realized I’d be buried in questions (which I was anyway), so I just started looking to see who was online. You might be thinking that’s not very smart but I found that the spontaneous responses were great.

There were events on the ships calendar but mostly we planned our own activities which included our little flotilla from SL New England. The highlight of the cruise was our Scuba diving expedition but also that weekend many of the same friends joined us for the Parade over at Bay City. There were other people on the ship but based on past experience, I felt it would be fun to invite as many friends as you can.

That’s Becky, Antares and me at the pool
checking out all the amusements,
of which there are many.
On Saturday morning a few of us had a pajama brunch.
That’s me, Tippy, Sommer & Gracee.
Yeah, we all seem to like pink *smiles*
A popular place turned out to be the gym!
That’s me and Leanna working out after lunch.
I love banging that heavy bag.
Here’s a bunch of friends visiting.
Yeah, many suites have two story living rooms!

I wanted the sea cruise to be casual, no expectations, no obligations. I felt that SS Galaxy was ideal if I rented a suite and just use that as a base for activities. The whole feel aboard SS Galaxy is sea cruise and I tried to be aboard as much as possible during the week. I wanted friends would know there to hangout, but there was no pressure to do anything at a specific time.

I have this idea. I’ve been playing around with it for years. I’ve mentioned it here several times, but the idea is taking shape. The idea is to find ways to bring life to regions that are beautiful and interesting. Many of the most fascinating places in Second Life may or may not have people when you visit. Second Life is full of these types of regions.

I’ll be writing about my idea again soon.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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2 Responses to Our Sea Cruise On SS Galaxy

  1. Yordie Sands says:

    Hi Becky… thanks for the insights. I'm with you on the "need" for a holiday in SL. It was a wonderful feeling and I could sense that it was shared. The scuba as a big hit and will be a regular event I think.I've been stretching my imagination, like I was thinking of trying to have a sleep over at the Falmouth Hotel. I think that might be a stretch, but I think it's good to get ideas out on the table.Maybe I can use this blog to explore some ideas.


  2. Canary Beck says:

    Hi Yordie ๐Ÿ™‚ First of all, I think it was a great idea to do the cruise. I agree it had a very laid back feel; I only wish my timing had worked out better so I could meet and hang out with more of the girls. As a multi-day event, some of us like more structure than others – and I'm decidedly in the former camp. Still, as a "holiday" from what I normally do in SL (it really surprises me that some of us "need" holidays in SL!!!), it really hit the spot! So thanks, and definitely sign me up for anything similar you have planned. Take care girlfriend ๐Ÿ™‚


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