Happy Rez Day Miss LeLe!!

Saturday was Leanna Chaffe’s fifth rez day, the 5th, and despite her insistence on not having a party I tantalized her with visions of a scuba party. Yeah, one of my patented high speed speedboat rides from Marthas Vineyard to on of the many scuba diving spots on the Blake Sea. She bought in and in the late afternoon, a small group of friends met at my house in SL New England.

It’s never a certainty as to how many people will be able to show up for any event in SL, but we kept the list small anyway. I figured we’d need one or two boats but as luck had it at the time we shoved off from the dock we had six aboard. More friends joined us at our island base, and even more joined us after the trip back home. It was just the right size group for some scuba diving fun. I’m sorry to say I was pretty busy piloting the boat (like a plane crashed into us…heh) and then answering scuba equipment question once we started. Anyway, here’s some of the pics from our journey.

Storm clouds overhead darkened the skies
as we began suiting up for our journey.
That’s me in pink, LeLe in dark blue and Marley.
Here’s a pic I shot on the way back, but…
please use you imagination and pretend
this is us heading to Tromp Island.
The Weather obviously cleared out on
The Blake Sea.
This is one of the cool spots just off Stromp Island
and that’s Miss LeLe standing out in red.
Our party included Sommer, Gracee, Marley, Tippy, Thor, me
and a short time later, QQ.
Isn’t she a cutie (that’s her in the middle, in red)
Btw, we pretended to be man-o-wars so we didn’t get killed.
Our party had thinned a bit by the time
we got back to Marthas Vineyard.
Dest joined us though and btw,
Leanna thinks she’s taken off her gear
but it still showed in my viewer. hehe

This kind of party wasn’t possible last year and even now it’s a perilous journey for some. We only had one casualty on the trip there but three on the way back (maybe that’s because time took a tool on the systems — memory management issues I mean).

Thank you to the friends who could make it. This may be hard to believe, seeing as I’ve been best friends with LeLe for almost 5 years, but this is the first party I’ve planned for her. I love you Leanna! Hugs & Luv!


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2 Responses to Happy Rez Day Miss LeLe!!

  1. Thanks Yordie for making my 5th Rez day so special. ( Wow, I'm getting old)Hugs


  2. Yordie Sands says:

    It was my honor, my friend. And yes, you are getting old but fortunately I'm not. I'm still always 28. /me smiles at her friend


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