Speedboat Passenger!

I’ve been so accustomed to taking friends out in boats, I have rarely (only two times before) been a passenger on boating outings. Well, last night Leanna and I were hanging out and we decided to go to my place, but when we got there we decided to take a boat out. I suggested to LeLe that she might want to use her boat and to my delight she was ready to roll.
The boat ride that followed was a fantastic boat ride for me, although LeLe nearly got us killed as we tried to make our way through the northeastern islands and channels. However, once she got us out on the open water, she put the throttle down and kept it at wide open for at least 50 sims. There’s something really immersive about racing across those sims, feeling the wind, hearing the rumblings of the engines!

Leanna's Speedboat Ride
We left New England in the night
and bobbed and weaved through
the islands and channels.
Leanna's Speedboat Ride
That’s me sitting behind LeLe at the helm.
This was my first real ride as a passenger and
I wanted to see everything.
Leanna's Speedboat Ride
Check it, that’s us heading right at the Moon!
And hearing those engines roar,
it was magic.
Leanna's Speedboat Ride
We were headed out of the night into morning.
Leanna's Speedboat Ride
Mild mannered Miss LeLe, Yo! Check it!
She has that Street Dancer on rocket fuel
and we are screaming across sims.
Leanna's Speedboat Ride
Yay Girls In Boats!!
Yeah, we are both wearing spike heels.
/me giggles

We sped around till we were both buzzing from the ride. I’m serious, you get drawn right into it and with that engine roaring, it is 100% immersive. I suppose it seems like I’m overreacting, but being a passenger I was able to enjoy the experience more. I shot dozens of photos and uploaded about 10 on Flickr.

Here’s a surprising thing. I know a woman who is into all kinds of Second Life activities. When she saw the photos of LeLe’s scuba rez day party, she said she didn’t even know that kind of thing can be done.

It’s a wonderful experience and I’m starting to fear that if too many people discover it, the seas could be overrun. Until then, I’ll keep repeating that this is Linden Labs best gift to residents. And I call it the premier Wonder of Second Life.


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I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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3 Responses to Speedboat Passenger!

  1. Glad you enjoyed… and SURVIVED my driving. The drive was a bit adventurous ( laughing) until we got to the Blake Sea. Thank goodness for open water.Smiles.


  2. Dahlia Sweet says:

    Night boating…dangerous and exciting. Just the way adventures should be!


  3. Yordie Sands says:

    NOTHING is more dangerous than going for a boat ride with Miss LeLe. hehe. Nighttime, daytime, hurricanes, all the same. hehe. hugs LeLe, hug Dahlia


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