Home & Garden: Leanna’s Beach

Ever since I visited Leanna Chaffe’s first home I began to notice the things she loves. One thing, she always has a grand piano. Another thing she always has a warm sandy beach with many places to curl up around a fire and enjoy her friends. Leanna Chaffe has been my friend longer than anyone and she’s a great friend to have. And Leanna’s homes are always an inviting place to visit, and her new home has all the things I love about her. Following is my essay in photos at her new home:

Leanna’s modern style home sits
high above the ocean and safe from tidal waves.
Every room opens widely to the
amazing view of her sprawling beach below.
All of Leanna’s homes have had cozy little
outdoor nooks and crannies
for her friends to visit and enjoy with her.
This one is out back behind the house.
Another thing you can always find
in Leanna’s homes is her
grand piano, which she plays beautifully.
Here’s the view from her front patio out onto
the palmed baches below.
Naturally, she added some special color
in her garden & fountain.
There are even humingbirds.
And this is Leanna’s beach with “Wow” views everywhere.
Notice the dock with it’s beach towels
and cushions… kinda cozy, huh!
And here’s the same beach from a different angle
there is beauty as far as the eye can see!
Notice the little hamock to the left —
one more cozy little place to enjoy.

If you get to know Leanna you quickly pick up her easygoing way and I think you can see from her home that she expresses her way in her home and surrounding landscape. I’ve spent a lot of time just talking with Leanna, sitting out by the water or on her porches or patios. We even sit inside her house sometimes. /me giggles.

I’m enjoying this Home & Garden series. So far, I’ve done photo shoots at the homes of four other girlfriends and I’m looking for more. However, starting today I’m going to be exploring and writing about Second Life’s 9th Birthday. I’ve already seen many previews of SL9B but I’m looking for my own twist on what I find there.

Naturally, I’ll be featuring the exhibits and events of my favorite communities in SL but also I’ll be seeing out communities I’ve never seen before. This will be fun. Come join me on any day.


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