SL9B Opening Ceremony

Over 300+ people attended Second Life’s 9th Birthday during the first hour, 100+ people attended the opening ceremony itself! I find that to be a thrilling way to begin.

During the opening ceremony, SL celebrity Saffia Widdershins gave the open address and when you consider the vast region, the huge number of exhibits, the entertainment schedule, the staffing and the general fascination factor of this event, you will understand how truly extraordinary it is that everything was conceived of and completed in about one month! And without Dreamseekers Estate, Callie Cline and an unamed benefactor, this would not have happened at all.

(Please note, if I haven’t credited the many who deserve credit, stick around because I’ll be reporting exclusively for the next ten days.)

Now, let the show begin….

SL9B Opening Ceremony
This was the scene when I arrived,
the cast and crew were all prepared for
the opening ceremony show.
SL9B Opening Ceremony
Shortly after the crowd of over 100 arrived,
Saffia Widdershins gave a memorable
opening which included and introduction
to the incredible work it took to start SL9B.
SL9B Opening Ceremony
Callie Cline brought along some of her big kitties
(that’s her in the back in jeans and blue top)
SL9B Opening Ceremony
However, when you have giant birds
flying all over and looking like they need a meal…
Well, it’s becomes clear who the stars
of the show were!
SL9B Opening Ceremony
There were pretty birds
with pretty flowers on their heads.
She’s almost smiling
(I think she ate Honor McMillan though).
SL9B Opening Ceremony
But when you are as big as this big fella,
and you clearly are a dragon.
I think you’d have to say he’s the Star of the show.
(That’s Maike Reiderer)

This was a great kick off for a great event. I’ve written a little more about the story behind the event in my Yordie Sands Notebook blog. I hope you take the time to read it.

Now, back to SL9B and the true exploration begins…


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