Philip to Speak @ SL9B?

Ok, let me quash this rumor before it gets started. Now, let’s see if that actually quashes anything. All I know is, I heard somebody ASK if  Philip Rosedale is going to speak at SL9B. And the only reason this seems to be a topic is that apparently there were sightings of Philip at Burning Man 2. My knowledge of the question is first hand, my knowledge of the sightings is third hand. The reason I think the question of Philip came up was I was standing at the spot below at SL9B…

I was admiring the dashing & handsome young
Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden)
at a DreamSeeker SL9B Kyuu exhibit.
I happened to notice in open chat someone asked,
“Will Philip be speaking at SL9B?”

There are all kinds of things scattered around SL9B and if you just stand and listen for awhile you hear the darnest things. Now, let’s see where this little post ends up in the rumor stream. If you hear that Philip will speak at SL9B and you hear my name cited as the source, you’ll have some nice inside info to chuckle about. But hey, I’m going out looking for Philip, how about you? See you at the fair!

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2 Responses to Philip to Speak @ SL9B?

  1. You know, it’s funny, Philip created something truly amazing and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation.


    I can’t help but think about Steve Jobs and Philip Rosedale. Jobs changed the world. Rosedale created a new world.

    Jobs fought through being fired from the company he created and a terminal illness to cling to the reins of his dream till the last possible minute… Rosedale hung in for a few years, then just walked away, and essentially never looked back.

    He doesn’t owe us anything more. He’s done way more than enough. It’s just funny how easily he seemed to walk away from a singular vision, where Jobs clung so tenaciously to his.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      I feel that way too, Vanessa, how easily he walked away. Like a guy you feel in love when then left you and never looked back. It’s hard to believe that some of us still think of him, but he never things of us. His vision apparently was always somewhere most of us hardcore SL’ers never _really_ understood. Just wondering too.


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