SL9B: ELVIS Brings It Oh Home!

Leanna and I had no idea what was on the performance schedule, we just wanted to go to the Main Stage and take a look. As we walked in we were greeted with:

[ Ladies and gentlemen: On June 23, 2003 — exactly 9 years ago — Second Life was launched. Happy 9th Birthday, Second Life! Let’s celebrate and party all night long! ]

On Stage: BubbaC John performing live as ELVIS!
Bubba "ELVIS" John Performs @ SL9B
Leanna and I jumped right into the show
not knowing who was performing.
Bubba "ELVIS" John Performs @ SL9B
Quickly we discovered that Bubba & the Bubbettes
were performing with Bubba singing
Elvis tunes with great realism.
Bubba "ELVIS" John Performs @ SL9B
Bubba was the real deal and really brought home
Second Life’s 9th Birthday with a feeling of
All Night Long!

I doubled checked with Leanna while we danced and pranced to Bubba’s tunes, I wondered if she was enjoying him as much as I was. She told me she was singing right along with him and I grinned because I was too! “Hallelujah!” This was one more of those unexpected events I’ve discovered every time I’ve been to SL9B. And that feeling I’ve been talking about was there by the ton!

I asked my SL New England neighbor, Coerl Onlyone, to describe his own experience at SL9B. Ceorl was also a builder and here’s his point of view of SL9B: “When I came and started building I felt a great energy and camaraderie… I really think it is the best birthday ever, and we residents can take ALL the credit for it.”

I think Ceorl is right, I think this is the best Second Life birthday ever, especially when considering the challenges.


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I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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