Junkyard Blues 6th Birthday Party

Junkyard Blues 6th Birthday
The scene at dusk as guests poured into
Junkyard Blues nightclub.

I’m happy to say that one of the first blues clubs I ever visited in Second Life was Junkyard Blues. That sentiment of pride is shared by a lot of people who come to the Junkyard, we call them Dawgs and Dawgettes. And it’s worth mentioning, and it is predictable as clockworks that those Dawgs pour in and onto that familiar blue tiled dance floor for every important event, especially birthdays. That’s the way it was last night for Junkyard’s 6th birthday.

Junkyard Blues 6th Birthday
The wonderful partners and owners of
Junkyard Blues nightclub & community
are Richardina “Dina” Petty and Kiff Clutterbuck.
Junkyard Blues 6th Birthday
Kiff & Dina not only own this estate
but they’ve become the center of our Junkyard family.
They don’t have the option of ever breaking up!
Junkyard Blues 6th Birthday
DJ Fiery Otaared is “the real deal”
when it come to the blues!

There are other clubs out there on the grid that enjoy the kind of loyalty JY supporters feel for our club, but this club is mine.

And when I see all the familiar names from the past and all the new people who have discovered the JY, I feel a little proud to be part of this group.

So for such a great club it was only right that one of it’s oldest and best DJ was spinning tunes for last nights party.

DJ Fiery Otaared not only spins the blues, she has a knowledge of the blues unequalled to anyone. She also has a wry wit and keen awareness and sense of humor.

Want to know more about Junkyard Blues including it’s history, DJs, hosts, Dreamgirls, stores and residential areas? Checkout Junkyardblues.com.


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