Home & Garden: Jacan & Ellie’s Moondance

Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
The couple’s home is a grand Victorian
and in the sky the Moon shines especially bright.

Jacan & Ellie Slade married in Second Life and live at a most amazing home called Moondance. Jacan is a well known DJ and Ellie is well know for throwing the most amazing parties on The Grid. And if you get to know Ellie just a little bit, you learn she has a keen interest in and enthusiasm for the Moon. So I started this post with a photo that would captured the Moon as it brightened the night sky over the couples home.

Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
And in the brightness of the day,
the beauty of their home beams outward.

This process of doing photostudies of friends homes & gardens have revealed to me just how distinct each people can be. In Second Life, people can express their values and interests in their homes. Among the photos I shot there’s a lighthouse, cottage & dock, gazebo and an amazing little farm (oh yes!). There are many nooks and crannies and even beach with great breaking waves.

Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
Another spectacular feature of Jacan & Ellie’s home
is the beautiful lighthouse out on a small island
on the windward side of the island.
Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
You can’t just have an island without a boat
and this beautiful wooden one sits ready,
just behind a lazy little cabin on the dock.
Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
As promised, I shot this photo of the
almost-a-farm vegetable garden.
I say farm because nearby there’s
even a chicken coup.
Ellie & Jacan's Moondance
There are many places to sit and enjoy the day
but this gazebo stood out, tucked between two trees,
I felt this was a great pic to end the post.

I had a lot of fun shooting these photos of the Slade’s home but I’m told that soon the couple will be moving to a new home. I wonder what is in store. Oh, I posted ten photos on Flickr if you wanna see some other features.


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