Marcy Wilson @ Circus Marcy

Marcy Wilson is a very lucky girl; she has a very special girlfriend, Sommer Shepperd. Marcy mentioned to Sommer that she’d like to go to the circus for her 6th rez day. Well, Sommer is the kind of friend who has more than a small amount of ingenuity and a few days ago she announced to Marcy’s friends that there’s gonna be a circus. The one thing she forgot was to name it, so I’m gonna grab that one and call it Circus Marcy!

The circus was build on the Junkyard University sandbox and as you can imagine, all of Marcy’s Junkyard Blues bluesy friends were invited. However, this was no cookie cutter party. At this party the guests were the entertainment and everyone showed up in most amazing costumes and jumped right into their roles. I think this party is going to extend a trend I’ve been noticing for more engaging parties, and I think you’ll see just how much fun that can be.

Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
Right there in the heart of Junkyard U.
Circus Marcy!
Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
Marcy & Sommer in the center of it all,
it’s amazing what a little wish will bring.
Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
Here’s a shot of the circus in full swing
with guests taking on roles as jugglers,
stilt walkers, cyclists, even me on that tight wire.
Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
That’s Kizzy riding that darn ball
in high heels… you go girl!
Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
Yess’m, that’s Gracee rolling around
on that giant wheel.
Lookout everybody, comin’ through!
Marcy Wilson's 6th Rez Day Circus
And at the center of it all was Marcy,
juggling, swinging, doing it all
and unquestionably the most
beautiful girl at the party!

Ya’ done great, Miss Sommer! I think you two have created a whole new way to enjoy a rez day.


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  1. Canary Beck says:

    WOW! That looks fantastic! What a great idea!


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