Home & Garden: Becky’s Scuba Garden

One of the great benefits that came when I began my second blog was I discovered some new friends. Canary Beck, “Becky”, is a fine blogger, the owner of the KamaSutra Exotic Dance Club and one of the daring women who has accompanied me on some recent adventures. On our sea cruise on SS Galaxy, Becky went on her first inworld scuba dive and was an instant convert.

Far below the magical kingdom of KamaSutra is Becky’s scuba garden and home. I visited her about a month ago when I was shooting photos for the Home & Garden series and that photo shoot is the subject of this entry into the gallery.

Canary Beck's Scuba Garden
There is an above world at Becky’s home,
but this is the world she loves
and shares with her friends.
Canary Beck's Scuba Garden
The waters are pretty warm here,
and if you look closely you’ll see
a world of gorgeous little fish.
Canary Beck's Scuba Garden
Naturally, I headed right into that sunken wreck.
Yellow fish accompanied me, expecting for me to drown.
Canary Beck's Scuba Garden
Becky’s scuba garden is huge and
it’s the kind of place you and just relax
and float and let everything drift away.
Canary Beck's Scuba Garden
The most precious characters in the garden’s
cast are the most delicate creatures of the sea,
the sea horse.

Those who’ve never done scuba probably don’t quite get the fascination, and that’s understandable. And those who’ve never been to Second Life will probably have an even more difficult time understanding what the fascination is.

However, when someone who has never been scuba diving in Second Life does it one time, they get it immediately. The same was true about Gracee and Ellie that day we all went to the Sirens Isle. It is an immersive experience, one that you’ll want to do again and one you might even want to do in your own private undersea world.

It’s really pretty amazing to me that Becky thought this up, but it’s just one more of those surprises you discover when you visit your friend’s homes and gardens in Second Life.

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  1. Canary Beck says:

    Thank you Yordie! You've really captured how excited I am about this Marine Park – and how much I'd like to share it. Here is a video of the park if anyone is interested: http://youtu.be/cNUUkrIiQhA The park is totally open to the public, so if you'd like to pay a visit, you're more than welcome. Here's the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/dream%20love%20island/33/51/21/ IM me while you're there and I'd be happy to show you around if I can 🙂


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