My Visit With The Vampires

The temple where the Sacred Spiritz clan was dark.
Many friends who were not vampires where there.
But as I was to learn later from the King himself,
I was the only on whose soul remained pure.
(That’s me on the far right, standing alone, trying to blend in.)

It was a very important event in my friend Sue’s second life. The man she loves is a vampire and when you marry a vampire you’ve chosen a direction that leads into the world of vampires. Sue invited me to a special ritual that she wanted to share with her friends, a ritual called a ‘turning’ and the person who was going to be turned was Sue herself.

I accepted her invitation because I’ve come to care about this woman I met under the most peculiar of circumstances. I knew she was happy with the man in her life and I could tell that she was happy to be part of a Sacred Spiritz clan. But I had no idea what to expect and I was very apprehensive. I was even trembling a bit when I entered the temple where the turning would take place.

Before the turning Sue’s face seemed to absorb all the light in the room,
and she was as beautiful as I’ve ever seen her.

Sue’s husband, vampire Dark Night, was eerily calm
considering what he would do to his love in only moments.

The King spoke to both Sue and Dark Night and permissions were given,
Then in a lightning fast attack, Dark Night struck and Sue fell to the ground.

And then came the King…

And then a frightening biting frenzy where the clan
feasted on the new members blood, and she
feasted on theirs.

This is where I will end this tale. When the blood frenzy was finished, talk became almost casual. And this is when the King notices that my soul wasn’t tainted yet. I assured everyone that I was happy to keep my soul for a while longer, then fled.

((I told this tale as a stranger who finds herself as a guest of a clan of vampires. I enjoyed this excursion into a world I’ve never ventured into before. There were many things I didn’t understand about the ritual, but I was permitted to shoot photos. I’ll add a few more photos to my Flickr Photostream later today.))

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions. I'm an avatar in Second Life and a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games.
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12 Responses to My Visit With The Vampires

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  2. Sue Hunniton says:

    I just happened upon the link to this post again and couldn’t help but re-read it. I still get a smile on my face that you were there to share this with me, my beautiful friend! *hugs*


    • Yordie says:

      Hi Sue… that’s so sweet of you. *hugs* it was such a unique experience for me. aside from my visit with your clan, I don’t really know what goes on in that world. do you think that someday i could interview you?


      • Sue Hunniton says:

        I would be very honored to have you interview me about the vampire community. Any time you want to get together, just let me know. *big hugs*


  3. Mera says:

    Exciting posting Yordie! U are great and grats Sue!! =))


  4. Sue Hunniton says:

    Thanks so much, Vaneeesa! Yes, Yordie is amazing and I’m thrilled to call her my friend.

    I completely understand the whole being uncomfortable around vamps thing. I actually was for a very long time. But, I must say that my opinion of them (us) has changed completely. I was a human in the vamp community initially, having been bitten, but not “turned.” It was only after a great deal of thought and consideration that I decided to turn vamp. I wasn’t pressured to do so…it was all my decision.

    And, like Yordie says, our clan is different. For me personally, it’s more about the social aspect of it. We are more of a family than anything else. I can honestly say we all truly care about each other. I have never once felt “alone” since joining the clan because there’s always a group of people hanging out at clan land. We have a total blast together – we’re actually having a disco party tomorrow night. And, the random biting thing? That is completely forbidden. Even during my turning ceremony, the request to bite takes place before the bite occurs.

    Am I your typical vamp? I doubt it. For me, it’s not about the competition of who can gather the most souls. I care way too much about people to have that kind of mindset. People aren’t numbers…and I know all too well that there’s a person with a heart and feelings behind that avatar, someone whose friendship I appreciate. And, from what I’ve witnessed, that’s how the others I’ve come to know in my clan feel as well. Sure, I’ll probably celebrate when I get my first soul. But, that will happen when the timing is right and with someone who has a true desire to become a member of my family.

    I suppose, as RPs go, this is one that I have come to embrace and I’m very glad I did because I get a wonderful feeling when I’m around my Sacred Spiritz clan family.

    *hugs you both*


  5. Hi Sue, congratulations on your change of life. Yordie’s an amazing person and if you’re a friend of hers, I’m sure you’re quite a special person yourself.

    To be honest, I don’t really get… or I’m afraid of… or I don’t understand… or something… the Vampire experience.

    For sure the vamp griefers who flood you with bite requests are a pain, but that’s not really about being a vampire, that’s about a griefer not respecting your space.

    Just because fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews can be intolerant, narrowminded people, doesn’t really critique the true beauty of Christianity or Islam or Judaism.

    I love that I live in a world filled with peeps who RP being a Tiny or a Star Wars persona. So why do Vampires make me uncomfortable? Do I have something against their RP? Or is it that I don’t think of it as RP, do I think it’s “real”?

    I really don’t know.

    I believe a lot in diversity and inclusion in both RL and VR, so it’s curious why one activity, why one way of being leaves me confused or uncomfortable.

    That’s probably not the nicest way to say “Congratulations,” I’m just trying to be honest about something I’ve never really quite understood.

    anyway, whether or not *I* understand it, Congratulations to YOU.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      I am afraid of the vampire thing too, but not because of all those creeps who try to bite you everywhere.

      Sue’s group isn’t like aht at all though.

      I’m just afraid because I got skeert in vampire movies when i was a kid. really bad nightmares. but the truth is, it’s just like other roleplay. and with all the movies and cable tv series about vamps, it’s a lot of fun.


  6. Sue Hunniton says:

    I am sooo glad that you came to my turning, Yordie! It was a special ceremony for me and having you be a part of it made it even moreso. I can imagine that coming into the turning room can give one an uncomfortable feeling at first with the whole being submersed into an underworld culture. And, I promise your soul and blood were both safe. That’s not the way we roll. I do know they were happy to see my non-vamp friends there to support me. It can take a lot for a human to comfortably come into that world as a guest. *hugs and thank you so much again* You’re awesome!


    • Yordie Sands says:

      Oh I felt totally safe, Sue! hehe… i was just hamming it up a bit for the readers. hehe. I really didn’t quite understand all the goings on but loved the biting and feeding frenzy at the end. And was very relieved when the King mentioned my sould was still pure. hehe … Hugs & happiness to you


      • Sue Hunniton says:

        Ha….yep, they do like to have fun with it! We have so many laughs together. I’ve seen some very funny feeding frenzies there, that’s for sure! And, of course, some bites are “funner” than others…wink.


        • Yordie Sands says:

          It’s always interesting to me how people can have so many different and truly diverse interests that they persue in SL. I look at my own communities and wonder how i could ever connect the intersts; answer, I can’t. It’s the great thing that you can be a vampire or geisha one day and an speedboat racing adventurer the next, then a hostess the next… and need i go on? hehe


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