“Closing Down Hosoi”

Yesterday I got a notecard title: “Closing Down Hosoi” from Amiryu Hosoi, owner of the Hosoi Ichiba sim group. I read the notecard a couple of times to be sure I fully understood what is happening.

I know that in the past Ami was able to fund the entire sim group through sales from Hosoi Ichiba market. Hosoi was so successful she could provide an entire role play community which has long been part of the Hosoi experience. But economic conditions in both SL and RL have been weakening, and this is adversely impacting the economics of Hosoi Ichiba sim group.

This bridge, this scene by the bridge, is where I fell in love
with the Hosoi Ichiba sim group, and it is also the site
of some of my fondest memories and emotions.

In reading her notecard I saw a reluctance still in Ami’s words. I wrote to her with some funding ideas, but I fear it is too late for ideas that might not work.

Hosoi Ichiba sim group is one of the most beautiful Asian themed sim groups in all of Second Life. Many articles have been written about it and thousands of photos have been taken. I’ve often referred to it as a masterpiece and I’ll say it again, Hosoi Ichiba is a masterpiece. For me personally, this is a place I love and where I have many memories. The loss of this sim group will be felt by everyone who has ever visited.

Here are a few articles about this region:

It will be a very sad day when this wonderful world disappears from the Grid.

Much love for you Ami. I know you are hurting.

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I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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8 Responses to “Closing Down Hosoi”

  1. Becky says:

    Oh no. That is so sad 😦 I adore that sim and fear that there may never be another place like it. Surely there is something one can do? So much beauty and imagination should be available forever! Hmmmm… is it really too late? I’d be keen to know more about what you suggested and what was turned down please.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      I’ve suggested to Ami that should could rent the houses, apartments, stores and bigger buildings and regions for market rates. There are certainly many who use those facilities now who could or should help out financially. But I fear she is opposed to this. She is a very shy person.


      • Becky says:

        Would you mind putting me in touch with her? Just to let her know I’d like to contact her? I’m very interested in this.


        • Yordie Sands says:

          Sure I will, Becky. I’ll send her an email but probably will have best luck by contacting her when I’m inworld a little later. She’s very shy I’m sure she’ll appreciate your interest. I’ll contact you as soon as I’ve notified her.


    • Yordie Sands says:

      I have some major emotions connected with these sims. I’ve also shot literally more than a thousand photos of Hosoi since 2007. I won’t believe it is gone till it’s gone, but when it hits I will cry.


  2. Sue Hunniton says:

    It is very sad, indeed, that Hosoi Ichiba is closing down. While I haven’t spent a lot of time there for personal reasons, I will definitely say that the beauty of this SIM is breathtaking. Thank you, Yordie, for letting us know of this so that we can be sure to take in its beauty again before it closes. *hugs*


    • Yordie Sands says:

      Thanks for your comments, Sue. I can’t find enough superlatives to describe this region. It is also the place my role play novel revolved around. for many reasons it had been hard for me to re-engage at Hosoi, but its loss will hurt more than i care to say.


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