Yordie Got Her Groove Back

The truth is, I don’t really have my groove back but I feel a lot better about a lot of things.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I finally had enough presence of mind to make my first visit to Edloe. Edloe is the home of 100-word stories and a community that includes, if not esteems its unique resident, R. Crap Mariner. I asked Crap what he prefers to be called and he said I should find a name I’m comfortable with, so for now I call him Mr. Crap.

I have been following Mr. Crap for a couple of years but it was his 100-word stories that really drew me into his realm. In fact, last year I had a chat with Mr. Crap about the trend toward 100-word stories and the like, and it was a bit of a eureka moment for me.

Yordie Sands visits Crap Mariner's Clocktree @ Edloe 2012

As soon as I arrived at Edloe I started camming out
and there it was, Clocktree, the home of Mr Crap.
And the archives for the 100-word stories.

Yordie Sands & Crap Mariner @ Edloe Clocktree 2012

This is Mr Crap (left) who is, among other things, a broken robot.
That’s me on the right and we are standing in front of his
wall of tribute to the beautiful animal friends who’ve
passed from this world, and for who he still grieves.

This morning my human had a great chat with my RL friend, Gypsy and she talked her through some of the big concerns she’s been having about the move back to Seattle. They talked about some of the logistics and especially about places to live. She used to live in Redmond and also lived in Queen Anne (that’s before I was born, btw), but she feels she’s been priced out of those neighborhoods unless she works fulltime again. Nonetheless, she has some spots picked out on both the northside and southside of Seattle, so confidence is high.

After the real world non-sense, I headed inworld and within a few minutes I got an invite to go sailing in beautiful new sloop. It was just what I needed!

Yordie Sands Sailing on the Blake Sea 2012

When I logged on this morning, a friend took me sailing.
We rezzed this beautiful new boat over at Hona Lee
and sailed over to fav scuba spot, Sirens Isle.

Before I forget, on Saturday evening I went to Junkyard Blues. Sure enough there was a griefer there, and to my surprise, he singled me out immediately. Geez, I wonder who would that? hmmmm… pfft. I told him I know who he is and now he and his clan knows that I know.

Anyway, I had a good time listening to Strat and later Miss Luci, spinning the blues. For those who don’t know, for over a year I went to the Junkyard every Saturday night. Then I hosted for another year every Saturday night. I’ve been getting back to the JY lately because it has been one of my anchors in Second Life.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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11 Responses to Yordie Got Her Groove Back

  1. Tried firestorm on OSG:
    One has to love the flick option to upload (Dolphin has it as well) and the fact that with the v3 interface option, it frees the screen as much as Niran’s and that i feel sad that many don’t really try to adapt and forget about the clumsy v1 interface (And Im one of them for many time, as i refused to try and waist the few hours necessary to start getting used to see the IM on bottom right screen, but now the freedom of having a screen fully available to wonder! its so much usefull to fly a plane and still enjoy the viewsm to sail or simply to be in world!)
    But i found it’s graphics the same as imprudence, only with shadows and performance is way down Singularity with same settings!
    Nevertheless it worked great on OSG and the simple fact that is it supporting open sims, made it my user of choice there now!
    As Niran’s is still my only viewer for Sl and Firestorm graphics on OSG are au pair with imprudence but far , to far, from Niran in SL, plus much worse fps Easy test, both viewers being used on Blake sea, whiteout dr and shadows,.
    Niran fps: 75
    Firestorm : 35
    As soon as one turns on shadows and dr (and on niran tone mapping as well)!
    Niran: 35
    Firestorm: 6
    And of course, if without shadows nor dr, the graphics quality of both is very similar using LL day cycle and LL default water, with all enabled and tone mapping, Niran offers a live detail no other viewer manages to give!
    So not even better graphics but faster fps and….no crashes, fly over 65 sims again last night, not a single problem but damn security Orbs!!!
    PLS PLS PLS, stop using those things on open spaces that all should be able to enjoy, i know my convenant and United sims alliance don’t allow it, its time for all Land owners of the Blake Sea and any regions that are next to LL waters to let them be open to any that wishes to sai, or fly !


  2. Well all out boats are 32 prims (i cant wear any thing besides clothes!).
    I mean all that we made from scratch and use Bwind engine or any other (I have engine powered boats and planes as well, that i made or modded from free copy/mod 1!).
    Even yesterday I sailed from my home to Nyc cllub an dgo back and then took one of my seaplanes to a fly over Blake sea, in all more then 100 sims crossed, no problems but…
    There is a known bub that LL sorted already (at least they claim so) that where making any sim cross a painful experience since the roll out of the path find, it was supposed to be rolled out already on some magnum regions, hopeful Blake sea already!
    The bug is easy to find, any corss sim will make the avatar and object used, spin around for more then 10 sec and after you will be turning 90º on the wrong side!
    I was having it in all my boats or planes, be prim or mesh ones.
    The last week i saw it disappear and now i can even fly a plane at max speed again at 100 m high (really close to water level, lol).
    So i think LL will really fixed the bug and will make the roll out soon to the rest of the servers!
    if anything i notice, are more mesh boats sailing (the mesh frabrica 1 is invading blake seas and even if there is a free demo fully functional a lot are spending 4.500L on the full version and same with Mr Loom (HLMC) latest boat as well as His 1st, the prim oceanic you sailed!
    All the ones that are sailling with me, are using niran (v1,49 some, My love andi still v1.47, a lot heavy on resources but with less bugs that upset me, bugs due to LL code not Niran implementation).

    And btw, good luck with firestorm, i would not advise you for sure to try the latest version, pls read all about the hassle of the new ll path find tools and how they screw its interface uttelry, besides it runs to slow!
    If you reallyt wish to use a viewer that has the latest LL code that matters (the one that makes sim crossings easy even if the graphics are not near Niran’s quality) i’ll give a try to Cool viewer or latest Singularity (released 2 days ago and that im using to connect to osgrid)!
    That useless v1 interface (Yes i can say it now, v1 is terrible useless compared with the v3 interface and niran changes to it, we are just to sued to it, but now i struggle on OSgrid cause i have still to use it as there is, as more and more v3 viewers are adapting the havoc sublicence that will not allow them to be used on any grid by SL:()


  3. B_wind is the engine behind the boat you drove in;)
    Its Becka’s scripts that allow Hlmc boat to sail as well as many others;)


    • Yordie says:

      I didn’t realize she was into it that deeply. Since we are talking about boating, do you know anything about the issues involved in sim crossings for boats with prim counts in excess of 30? I’ve been told that the physics engine can’t handle them through the treaded technology. Do you know if that is in the works? If so, will my big boat need new scripting or other changes?

      BTW, i’ve decided to move into Firestorm one more time today. I’ll start my testing at Hona Lee Field. /me has fingers crossed


  4. groovity says:

    I heard he was banned from there at a later date because of other strange behavior…I really didn’t want to bother Kiff and Dina during the holidays about that incident, you know? There are just certain types on SL, and not very many, that behave like that. Usually they are very young or very immature in social skills. And they tend to act like a bully. I was initially disturbed, because of the abusive nature and language used, then I shook my head and laughed. People like that are not worth dwelling over!!! 😀


    • Yordie says:

      Oh i’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t talk to Kiff & Dina. I can assure you of one thing about Kiff, he will not tolerate anyone harrassing a woman at Junkyard Blues. They have elaborate rules for DJs and Hosts (i was amazed at the level of detail the first time I saw them). The host is responsible for protecting you and all you have to do is ask. Believe me, I never hesitated when i was hosting. And Merry was the hostess on the night that jerk was harassing me, I asked her to handle him and he was gone in less than a minute. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience because I know how dedicated they are to protecting guest.


  5. groovity says:

    I was harassed at the JY by a mentally ill person named Alex, who was fed a whole lot of untruths about me. Never met him before in my SL life, but he kept on sending me the more disturbing and demeaning IM’s that I’ve ever heard, I was truly shocked. I had just gone there to enjoy the holiday party that Kiff and Dina had, I was having so much fun up until then!! This was on Christmas Eve last year. I never went back to the JY again, closed my store there the next day as well. It also sealed my decision to leave SL. Sometimes people are really just complete jerks, and there is nothing that you probably did to antagonize that griefer. People like that don’t like others being happy, positive, and pleasant…in other words, being YOU, Yordie. Hugs.


    • Yordie says:

      Hi Groovity… I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience at the Jy. What I did was ask the hostess to deal with the guy, and she did. When I hosted at the JY, job 1 was always to take care of the guests. I was pretty quick on the trigger at banning people who where harassing guests. In general, I think the JY is a very safe place but when I griefer is determined to bother you, it can be very upsetting.

      I agree with you about those types of people, they are the definition of anti-social personalities. They hate to see others having fun and if you somehow get on their list, it can be difficult to fully rid them from your life. Linden Lab does not deal with this issue adequately. Being a hostess and being a blogger and being happy most of the time, I seem to pick up griefers at least once a year.

      thanks for you comments, believe me, they help. Hugs Groovity


  6. Mera says:

    hugsss xxxxx


  7. And you just passed by our summer home (just before the airport, on the left;))
    And that lovely boat is the Mlcc Oceanic, we manage to get the full demo version and still love to sail it, even if has all written over it… Demo!
    And guess who was sailing there with latest Mlcc boat, the mesh 1, Becka, the one that made me start sailing, as she made the Bwind scripts that allow me and my love, to build some amateur but pretty useful, sailing boats:)
    Of course i had to show her, our creations and offered the full pack (it was fun, i sailing behind their boat, passing, coming to home, rezzing another 1 and so on, guess we did made quite a few, lol!
    But if not for her Bwind engine, trully we would never start building and finding how sailing can be as lovely!
    Great fun!
    Go to mesh fabrica and grab their demo boat there, its version of the Bwind engine is amazing, i did more then 20 knots from their shop back home!
    And i have still to find the junkyard, i love Blues!


    • Yordie says:

      Well, now I know where to wave! We just had a short cruise across a six or eight sims. I’m not familiar with the BWind engine. Is this some kind of wind machine you attach to the boat? You’ve intrigued me.


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