Learning About Japanese History

I began writing about Hosoi Ichiba for iRez salon about a month ago, it was the first of my Gemme Six articles.

There are many unique scenes in Amiryu Hosoi’s stylized trip into Japanese History, to the Edo period when the great wars had ended and peace came to the land. I can’t explain my fascination with Japanese culture but I know it is a fascination shared by many Westerners.

This morning the news from Hosoi turned bleak again and the sims of Hosoi Ichiba sim group moved one step closer to being closed. So, while the sun was still rising in the sky I visited this place that had been the center of my second life as I learned about Japan and its history.

Yordie Sands @ Japan Chubu - Hosoi Ichiba at Dawn 2012

I visited the wheat field to the east of Matsumoto Castle.
I found myself in a field which reminded me of a painting
by Van Gogh, but also reminded me of experiences
from my life as a former apprentice geisha.

Many times I tried to understand Ami’s vision for these sims, but it was Akiko Omizu who explained it best. Ami had created a slice of history and wanted these sims to be a living museum of the Edo era. Her dream was to have daily life as it was in that era with all of its rich culture, and also to provide educators with tours through the regions.

I’ll be writing more about Hosoi Ichiba in the coming days.

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4 Responses to Learning About Japanese History

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  2. Indeed, I felt honored to be invited to upload my pictures taken there to her flick group!

    On a sunny day

    I wish she could fuind a way of saving all her work, its on these times i feel many builders should know about Open sims and Oar’s and how much easy is to save a full region with all its content to a hd or pen and then upload and recreate it in any open grid, or even on Kitely!
    And thats why you will find so many of some of the most amazing regions to explore, not on SL anymore, but on open sims grids!
    Be OSG, or a private one connected via Hypergrid (Lani Dune roleplaying regions!)
    Now wonder about a grid that allows any to create a region of the size of 1024 SL sims together!
    Aurora sims already managed that and any can try to do same!
    There are so many choices besides SL for those who love to build amazing places, and all so much less expensive and still…
    Is on Sl that we all wish to see them openm is there where we need them, so let’s try to make these ones a example how SL community is the best asset LL will ever had and it needs to preserve it!


  3. Becky says:

    Reblogged this on Songs from the Coal Face and commented:
    It’s still not too late as we’re trying as hard as we can to put a plan together.


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