Seven Years for Tazz Tuque

I’m sure I know other Second Lifers who rezzed over seven years ago; well, I know I do but the point is I don’t know many. Last night was Tazzie “Tazz” Tuque’s seventh rez day. I think Tazz’s rez date qualifies her as a “Beta” and for those who don’t know what that means, she rezzed in the era of Beta software and maybe was even a beta tester (more on this at the end).

I know Tazz because she is one ot that circle of bluesy people I’ve met over the years at Junkyard Blues. She’s also a DJ and a sister JY Dreamgirls. I don’t see as much of my bluesy friends as in the past, so I was honored that her partner Stevie Superior invited me to her party.

Tazzie Tuque's 7th Rez Day 2012 by Yordie Sands

It was a cozy Gypsy camp with five different wagons
and the flavor was very gypsy, very festive and fun.
There were a lot of the bluesy people there and
that means a lot of sassy goings on.

It was a gypsy camp! Tazz was DJ’ing for Hotspring Hawker’s “End of Summer” party held at Hot’s Gypsy Camp, but to Tazz’s surprise it was also a rez day party… for her! Tazz was wearing some beautiful, gauzey looking, gypsy threads. By the way, isn’t there a bit of the gypsy in all of the bluesy folks? Yeah, I know there’s a lot of hippy in them too, and there’s a lot of biker and Cajun and country too and lordy… never mind. The point is, there’s a lot of gypsy in the bluesy peeps, so this was a perfect spot to have a party.

Tazz Tulip's 7th Rez Day 2012 by Yordie Sands - 2

I managed to catch this photo of Tazz dancing with Stevie
as they danced and whirled and yes, pranced a bit too
around the campsite as the sun was setting.

I arrived a little late, right in the center of the dance floor, and I felt myself a bit of a spectacle. So I was relieved to see a lot of familiar faces, Ellie & Jacan, Luci, Gala, Blu, Seep, Kiff & Dina, Buddy, Liz, Josey, LuLu, Allie and there was Hot, of course… I know I missed folks but I’m just not so organized these days.

I had a little chat with Tazz. We talked about being seven and she said she was feeling a little “old” but I think being seven in SL isn’t old, its more like being wise. And it got me thinking.

I kept thinking about all the things that seven years means in Second Life. For example, when I joined SL in 2007 the software was so buggy it was a joke; like if I tp’d anywhere my shoes and hair would end up sticking out my butt (btw, that had to be some smarty programmer’s idea of a joke). What was the software like in 2005?

And the clothes! Women’s clothes were marginally ok if you enjoyed wearing Fredericks of Hollywood morning, noon and night. What did women do for clothes before? I remember discovering my first actual women’s store and buying the kind of clothes real women wear. All these random thoughts darted around my mind when it dawned on me this is the first “7th” rez day party I’ve been. So, here’s a big …

Happy 7th Rez Day, Tazz!

ps: Tazz has a store, Indigenous Fashion on Marketplace.

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6 Responses to Seven Years for Tazz Tuque

  1. Mera says:

    Impressive!! happy rezzday Taz!


  2. Aww, yay! Less politics, more rezday parties!!! 🙂


  3. toniescobar says:

    Beta ended in June 2003, so sorry she wasn’t a tester. But I am happy you enjoyed her splendid 7th Rez Day party… I was in Beta the last 6 weeks, so I am really old and creaky.

    I enjoy reading you Blog, Yordie. Keep up the good work.
    Check out my Blog, Memoirs of an Oldbie. I don’t get around to updating it much

    Pituca FairChang


  4. Harvey says:

    Definitely more buggy with strange in-world occurrences – like your hair/shoe/butt experience – but funnily enough, I don’t remember crashing back then. The world was a less highly rendered, but more stable place. I suppose as designers and builders have pushed the limits of what is possible the weight upon the viewers has become more onerous.


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