Journal – Being Pushed Away

Since arriving in Florida, my human and I have been in a struggle. She wants to spend more time in real life and this leaves me less time to spend in my virtual life. Our struggle also leaves less time for my blogging.

Dealing With ‘The Season’

This time of year — the Season to be Jolly — is always a bit tense between me and my human. She wanted to spend Thanksgiving with family, and coming up she wants to spend Christmas with more family. In between, this past week she’s spent on the coast, leaving me with even less time.

Social Network Overrun

I mentioned this in the past, my social network revolves around my email. And this morning I was overrun by 75 new posts, on top of 150 already waiting for action. In  desperation I delete most of the blog post notifications and all of my Facebook notifications. So, apologies to bloggers and Facebook friends who I normally respond, but please consider the holiday turmoil.

My Change of Life

No, I’m not talking about menopause. Geez! In the remote mountains of northern Idaho, Winter brought a snow cover that buried many real life activities for many months. That meant I could justify the large amount of time I spent in front of the computer. But here in Florida, my human is more engaged in the real world and this is the season where those engagements accelerate.

A Forced Slowdown

For the remainder of the year, I’m hoping to average three blog posts a week, two for this blog and one for iRez salon. I had to rewrite of my lastest Sex and the Virtual City post this morning, and I’ll need to wordsmith the post this evening. If possible I’ll publish it in the morning. I’m sorry I didn’t publish today as promised and this will probably be my final post for S&TVC this year.

Yordie Sands resting by fireplace - Christmas - Second Life 2012

That’s me and it’s how I feel right now, overrun by my human.
I’m just not prepared for all the seasonal conflicts.
(btw, one of many great recline poses by Pics-n-Poses)

Something Has to Give

I’m hopeful that once “the season” has passed I’ll be able to return to the second life I love to live. Nonetheless, each time my real life intervenes I find my hopes being pushed further away. I’m definitely in a conflict between my second life and real life. It’s not as bad as Dr. Strangelove yet, but it’s kinda headed that way.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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2 Responses to Journal – Being Pushed Away

  1. Aww, we’re all too busy. ha, IDK how anyone actually accomplishes anything! 😛

    But whether it’s virtual world, or soccer mom or career AND kids AND actually getting to the gym… we all want, and media certainly encourages us to Do / Have it all… which just isn’t possible…

    It’s exciting to do something with consistency… the gym… the blog… because you start to see results… but the great thing about the virtual world is that it will wait for you… and all predictions of doom, Mayan calendars, Cloud Party, and anything else… I promise you that come 2014… SL and the Blake Sea will be alive and well…

    So don’t stress any more than you have to… typists are pretty good sports… it’s ok to throw them a bone now and then…


  2. riverpearl says:

    This is how it is for me as well…..wanting to log into SL and have a somewhat meaningful and enjoyable experience, wanting to blog with some degree of quality and yet other things in life are calling out with more insistence and sense of priority.

    I still feel good about taking December off but the time is flying by in a blur. Sometimes it feels like taking my hands off the wheel.

    There must be a good way to find a sense of balance. I think it will help you that you’ve set a realistic plan and intend to stick with it for the rest of the month. You’r’e letting people know what’s going on and it will likely be all right. Enjoy the rest of the season Yordie.


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