The Best ‘New Years’ Ever!

First, to all the readers of this blog: HAPPY NEW YEARS!

In December, I decided not to do a look back at the past year. I’ve done that for four prior years, but this past year was too much to digest. This past year had stresses that broke me. I don’t wish to relive them in hopes I’ll find some meaning, the only meaning is, my human’s life overran my life and left both of us in need of healing.

So it’s goodbye to 2012, with one exception.

Last night, I had planned to run wild across the Grid as has been my custom for many of my virtual years. My human could have gone over to Cocoa Beach for what I’m told was an amazing party, but we are both still hunkered down, stuck in that northern Idaho Winter mindset.

So I started out with some friends going to nightclubs. Then we checked out Becky’s new club (due to open this week). I was having a lot of trouble tp’ing around though. Anyway, while running around I got a call from an old friend who wanted to have a little chat.

I’ll bet you have someone like this in your life, someone you’ve known for years but might not see very often. And when you start talking to that friend, it feels like you’re just picking up on a conversation you just left off, even if years have passed. If you are lucky you have some friends like that in your life, and that the kind of friend this was.

Anyway, without getting all mushy, we talked and and talked and it was great. In fact, we talked so long we might have missed the great party at Reece’s. But we made and danced and carried on till we rang in East Coast New Years together. The best parties are the ones where you see all those people you love, and this was a great party with all the Bluesy friends.

New Years 2013 in Second Life - Photograpny by Yordie Sands

That’s me and my old friend dancing at Reece’s party.
DJ Strat Tigerpaw was spinning rockin’-bluesy tunes,
with his girl at his side, my BFF Leanna.

It was a wonderful New Years Eve. It was the best start to a new year I could want. In fact, I’d have to go back and check the record on this but I think this was my best New Years Eve ever.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm also author of the sci-fi novel The Temporal Expeditions, and am working on book 2 of a planned trilogy.
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2 Responses to The Best ‘New Years’ Ever!

  1. Mera says:

    Happy new year! Great to hear u had a good time ❤


  2. Im so glad to read that it You have such great time:)


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