Honour McMillan really puts the problems in Second Life into perspective. This is a post everyone who has wondered about how LL has become so seemingly indifferent to its customers.

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Witchport (moderate)

As entertaining as it might be, I can’t be angry everyday. It would be too exhausting and I’d feel like a shrill nutcase on the street corner. 🙂 Today I’ll use Witchport↑ as a backdrop to some further, albeit more restrained, comments about the support/enforcement situation inworld.

I spent many years working with Board members and senior executives of large and medium sized companies. My job was almost invariably to figure out what had caused some problem and work with them to plan remedial action. Because of some trends in business planning, a pattern quickly emerged.

Witchport (moderate)

I never, ever, saw or heard an individual propose or talk about a deliberate attempt to screw-over customers or users. The problems that occur in these areas were always a byproduct of business decisions that neglected to include potential fallout as part of the analysis they had done.

In other…

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