Inara Pey is one of the well connected SL bloggers. She’s taken an objective look at why the reductions of tiers is a major problem for Linden Lab. If you own a full sim or even a homestead, this is a meaningful analysis.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Apologies to those who may have received notification of an early version of this post being published at the weekend. Slight error on my part hitting the wrong button when trying to clear-up some old drafts.

Tier has long been an issue within Second Life, one which has been exacerbated over the last 24 months by the ongoing decline in private region numbers, which form the greater proportion of LL’s revenue. The decline has been tracked across the weeks and months by Tyche Shepherd via her invaluable Grid Surveys. In 2012 alone, the grid has suffered a loss of around 12% in private regions. Such is the concern over tier that it gets raised following articles which may not be related to the subject – such as LL moving to promote SL through Amazon.

This decline has been subject to many calls for the Lab to reduce tier…

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  1. It’s a really nice post that tries to be realistic but not flamey. It seems like the long term message is that the fall of SL is inevitable. But our own mortal bodies, and eventually the planet they walk on will all eventually decline, it’s the way of things in a material universe.

    Oh, haha, SL isn’t material!

    Well, anyway, maybe if the decline continues a user consortium will buy SL from LL in 2017! 🙂


    • Yordie says:

      Your comment about a user consortium is actually happening in a twisted way. Each of the open grids that are setup represent some of the many interest groups that seem to feel it’s time to forget all the problems and over priced services of SL, and begin new worlds.

      I’ll bet if we add in a couple degrees of separation, you and I could form a consortium of relatively like minded people. Our goal? Form an open grid, reduce tier expenses, provide management and support services and provide a means to redress management problems. Perhaps there’s a grid that already has goals close enough to ours already, but if not we could do this.

      If LL really does see SL as a cash cow to be milked till it goes kaput, then we need to put some thought into this type of thing. And if LL fails it’s because they’ve frittered away their future. Jus sayin


  2. Sue Hunniton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Yordie! I know only one thing….if SL was to go away for any reason, a huge chunk of my life would be empty. So, whatever it takes, and I’m definitely not knowledgeable enough about any of it, I just hope that it all gets sorted out. *hugs*


    • Yordie says:

      I think a lot of us feel that way Sue. Maybe LL is working one something really secret and really amazing. But they really need to be careful with this whole tier thing.


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