Thinking About The Biz

I know there are people laughing about me using the word “thinking” and that’s ok. The truth is, sometimes I do think, and I’ve been thinking about the business of Yordie’s Excellent Adventures.

Late last night, I did a little more shopping for the store. I found a great safe at PILOT and then pulled out some things from my Zen gardens. Anyway, after setting the new stuff in place, I sat down and just thought about things.

Beautiful Yordie Sands, Adventurer, Photographer

Late last night I went to the store and hung out a bit.
I was thinking about how to turn this fun idea into a business.
Btw, checkout the changes in the store.
I wanted the store to have a kind of rugged feel,
but it’s just a little too macho for my taste. Yanno?

Photographer the Sexy Yordie Sands

That’s my new safe with Buddha sitting atop
holding a lovely flower.
The safe is I got from PILOT and only 1-prim!
The stuff inside is more prims of course.

My big thought or big idea is, I have a lot of friends who have businesses and some of those businesses are ripe for organizing expeditions and tours. Again, like, my friend Mac has the seaplane charter service, stuff like that. Maybe Becky will come up with something for Basilique too. Also, I was thinking that Sue might organize a vampy thing. I’ll be organizing expeditions and all, but I think the business could be like an agent. Of course, if I’m gonna be an agent then I might have to do some advertising but I haven’t really thought that out yet.

Adventure & Photographer Yordie Sands

This pic gives you the span of the store from back to door.

OH OH OH! Checkout the new logo (below) that Canary Beck designed for the store. I like it a lot. Vaneeesa had an idea too, she felt I should be in the logo because — well — I’m Yordie. For now I’m going with Becky’s idea. But I think I’ll need to up my game and do a lot of graphics for the biz.

Photography by Yordie Sands

The new logo is right near the entrance on a tripod.

That’s all for now. But I think I can open the store within two weeks. You are welcome to come by and check the progress or just have a cup of coffee or some absinthe, anytime. I think part of the biz will require me to be there for at least a few hours on a regular basis, several days a week. That part I’m not looking forward to. Maybe I need a television so I can watch movies. Yanno.

BTW, except for the wallpaper and some feminization of the place, this is getting to be about what I want the place to look like.

OH OH OH! And it looks like I’m coming out of the slump I’ve been in for the past few months, since the big move to Florida.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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7 Responses to Thinking About The Biz

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  2. Hi Yordie, I stopped by the shop over the weekend and LOVE IT. I took photos and will post one or two on my “dahliajayaramtravels” Flickr account album later. Everything in the shop looks fabulous! I sat on your chairs at both of the tables. I admired your maps and wondered if all the pins on the earth map were pins pointing out where all your friends live. I also liked your Buddha safe. While I agree with others about the “un-safe” door being left open, for me part of the intrigue is to see what is inside of it…very similar to the idea of exploring actually! Perhaps you can leave it open, but find a nice, coiled up snake you can place on top of one of the papers to deter anyone reaching in to grab the goods. =) Also, I’ve been thinking of your exciting new business and have plenty of thoughts to share with you about it if you haven’t already thought of them yourself (like making “Yordie’s Excellent Adventures” part of a loosely knit cooperative of adventure services that work together to share clients and the fun together so that ONE company owner doesn’t have to do all the work all the time and risk burning out). If you like, I can also put you in touch with other owners of services that might be intrigued with the idea of hosting an event once in a while as part of your collaborative resources too. Perhaps, if you have enough services to spread the wealth around with, it will take part of the load off of your shoulders so you can focus on, say, one or two events per month instead of one or more which takes up a lot of time.


    • Yordie says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Dahlia. And yes, I have been thinking about a cooperative of adventure services and yours is the first one I thought of. My friend Mac, he has seaplane charter service. I’ll lead several adventures too, especially scuba expedidtions and I’ve been mentioning to other friends that they can create their own roles and ideas. Also, I’ll be looking around at other compatible services. I’m not really in this to make money, I just love that “aha!” moment when someone discovers virtual adventure.


  3. Awesome Yordie! Just one suggestion — an exposed safe is NOT a good idea! I highly recommend cutting a hole in the wall and recessing the safe behind one of your lovely pieces of artwork. With a glide-track hung piece of art it’ll only take you 2 seconds to get to the safe and its contents, but I think those contents will be a lot safer that way which is, after all, kinda the point of a safe! 🙂


    • Yordie says:

      Or…. maybe… I could put a table cloth over it and disguise it as a table. Whacha think? I’m sure theives are all used to the old save behind the picture routine. hehe


      • make jokes if you must Miss Sands, after all, you are the rugged adventurer… I just think when you’re taking responsibility for other peeps A$$-ets… that a high degree of discretion is in order. Just because Obama bailed out Wall Street doesn’t mean that Linden will consider Yordie’s Excellent Adventures “too big to fail”


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