Preludes: My Danna

a 100 word story by Yordie Sands
copyright © 2013

When I became maiko I lived the life of an aspiring geisha. I performed for and served the many businessmen and samurai who visited our okiya.

One day I entertained a distinguished businessman who seemed to admire me. He spoke to me with encouragement, “You have learned your skills well.”

Days later I was informed by okaasan that my debt to the okiya had been paid. That same day a lawyer told me I have a patron, then took me to a garden on the northern side of the hanamachi. He said, “This is a gift from your danna.”

Yordie Sands Photographer

Yordie’s Japanese garden

About Yordie

I'm an avatar from Second Life and gamer on Xbox. I'm also the author of The Temporal Expeditions sci-fi novel series.
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