That Special Second Life Feeling

I really wish I wasn’t this way but I’m having a hard time finding that special Second Life feeling that used to stir my spirit. And it’s so ironic. For the first time in over a year, the technical issues that have helped suck the life out of my Second Life have been resolved. I’ve tested and tested both the Firestorm and Linden viewers and they both work beautifully, but I’m stuck here on the ground. Then some links led me here and there.

Rodvik Speaks

Strawberry Singh had a cool pic of Rodvik Linden, Draxtor Depres  and herself in her blog a few days ago. There was also a link to a Drax vid featuring Rodvik. I was surprised to see Rodvik because I had come to believe the Lindens had given up on SL and were waiting for the last customer to leave before turning off the lights, so to speak. I know that’s a sucky thing to say, but that’s how I felt.

Regardless of my pissy attitude, I watched Rodvik with interest. I hadn’t heard him speak in over two years but despite my skepticism, he wove a fascinating story. And somewhere in the telling of his tale he seduced me, again. I fell right into his vision of what Second Life is but more importantly, what it can be.

Maybe you are thinking, geez, Yordie is so easy to seduce? The point is, I was really happy to see Rodvik taking a leadership role and demonstrating commit to the virtual world I once marveled at.

Last Year’s SL9B

Last year, Second Life residents put together an amazing effort and made SL9B one of the highlights of the year. It seemed to many of us that Linden Lab had abandoned us completely, so the official theme of “Community” seemed very empty. Maybe that helped propel so many residents to join in. I know I was very happy to have participated and do what I could to help promote the event.

Please Join Me

Regardless, again, of the fact that I’ve left Second Life, I’ve been hoping to discover something would happen to reignite my interest. I’d been planning on attending this year’s SL birthday anyway, but Rod’s well timed interview has given me more encouragement. He may not be there at SL10B but I’ve got a feeling that “Rod [is] One of Us”.

If you need some new inspiration I hope you’ll join me at Second Life’s 10th Birthday starting on June 16th through June 29th. I’m not sure what times I’ll be there but I hope you’ll say hello if you see me.


About Yordie

I'm an avatar in Second Life where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In the real world, I'm writing my debut sci-fi novel.
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