Burning Out @ BURN2

Second Life’s Burning Man, BURN2, is over for 2013. I had some fun creating my pathetic build and hanging out but I missed the burning of The Man. GEEZ! I was out all day in the real world, we boated over to Bird Island from the Banana River and beached our boat on the sandbar. Anyway, during the week and Saturday I shot some photos from my days and nights at BURN2. And Daniel Voyager has a great post about the closing.

Yordie Sands Photographer

That’s me, front-left, taking in tunes at Center Camp.

Yordie Sands Photography

This weekend things were catching fire a lot.
I’m in there somewhere in my Doll costume.

Yordie Sands Photographs

That’s me high-stepping in my Ace of Diamonds costume.
More partying at BURN2 2013.

Photos by Yordie Sands

That’s the Man and I’m sorry I missed the burning. Oh well

And Then There’s TOS

I don’t have much more I want to say about Second Life right now but I do want to say that, once again, I’m shocked at how thoughtless Linden Lab can be in their decision making process. I’m talking about this whole “Terms of Service” change that has so many SL residents upset. Because of this and so many other reasons, I’m looking to join the movement to InWorldz.

Checkout Strawberry Singh’s post for more insight.

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  1. Nice snapshots and review of BURN2 2013. 🙂


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