Draxtor Despres On Second Life

In my self-imposed exile from Second Life I find myself spending time looking at SL through the eyes of those still trying to make the virtual world work. I’ve been especially impressed by Draxtor Despres work and especially “The Drax Files Radio Hour with Jo Yardley”. In fact, I’ve carved out time on my Saturday mornings to listen to the show and watch the assorted vids and links that relate to the show.

Ebbe Altberg & Draxtor Despres

Ebbe Altberg & Draxtor Despres

One other thing I like about Drax’s work is, he’s connecting with the Lab’s new CEO Ebbe Altberg. If you are an SL expat like myself but you haven’t given up on what virtual worlds can be, I’d like to suggest that you make time for Drax’s show each week.

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  1. yes, I’m still interested in the idea of it all!! And yet like you just unwilling or unable to devote much time to that world. Been there, done that. As I said before, too daunting and/or time wasting (unless you are very well organized – I’m not lol). I still love the educational/historical creativity aspect that can be there and would like to see more emphasis on that. Hope all is well Yordie!


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