It’s Like This…

I got an email from Microsoft’s Bing, it’s their 5th anniversary. Along with the email was a link to Bing Gallery, and I saw a pic I liked. I started browsing then I saw this picture I really, really like. It reminded me about how I feel about my second life right now. It's like this, this is how my life is now.

It’s like this, this is how my life feels now.
For more bluebells checkout this Flickr page:

Anyway, I kept on browsing through the pics and came across another great scene. And I thought to myself, Second Life is like this too. You can build your dream out on a virtual ocean, and it can be beautiful and even feel like a home for your soul, yet it is also very fragile, so fragile that a good storm will blow it away.

(from All of the things we build reside in a virtual world.

All of the things we build reside in a fragile virtual world.

I spent at least an hour going through Bing’s Gallery and I downloaded many photos. I’ll use them in some future posts, but this last one was like someone strumming a chords inside my spirit. Did you ever read James Joyce’s “Ulysses”? I know, it is very, very hard to read, especially if you are dyslexic, and I never actually finished it. Nonetheless, there’s a line in there somewhere that goes something like this, “Am I walking into eternity along Sandymount Strand?” That’s what this last photo feels like.


“Walking into eternity along Sandymount Strand”

Nice job Bing!

UPDATE 2023: This particular blog post has surfaced again and again as most watched over the years. Why? I surmise that people studying James Joyce noticed the reference to Sandymount Strand. It’s an obscure reference but I’m not the only one to take that passage to heart. Here’s a video called “Walking into Eternity”. I hope it helps in understanding of the mystique of this phrase.

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2 Responses to It’s Like This…

  1. great pics Yordie and I relate to your well put thoughts!! I love James Joyce!! ( being Irish of course) the last photo is wonderful. Oh here is another of Joyce quotes
    “Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience !”
    well, I try!!


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