Saturday @ SL11B

I beamed into SL11B a couple times on Saturday. I continued to explore and ended up seeing a whole lot more than I had planned.

Yordie Sands avatar

All the treats on this table cost only a handful of Mesh objects.
And all of that stuff would have taken dozens of Prims.
Mesh has truly transformed how you can broaden your SL.

Virtual Fantasy Life

That’s me atop Callie Cline’s SL11B cake…
Oh, yeah, and I’m also caught between two of her kitties. 🙂

Yordie Sands Photography

I saw several exhibits by SL military supporters.
I have enormous respect for our military and allies,
and I am glad to see builds that demonstrate commitment.

Star of virtual fantasy life

This is a kiosk that presents dozens of SL topics
for you to mull and cast a vote on with Facebook.
If you care about SL, I think it’s worth your while to make your opinion known.

I’m glad I attended this event. Hope you enjoyed it too.

About Yordie

I'm a blogger and photographer on WordPress. I'm active on Twitter. I'm a U.S. Air Force veteran. I'm a gamer in Fallout series, Skyrim, and other games, including an avatar in Second Life. I wrote the sci-fi novel, The Temporal Expeditions.
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7 Responses to Saturday @ SL11B

  1. Hey Yordie, . Thanks for taking time to post your thoughts on some of the changes. I checked a few out. I’ve been seeking ” a reason to believe” 🙂 !! Oculus Rift notwithstanding I’m not sure if the magic will totally come back for me. I still appreciate the technical expertise and some of the graphics ( though to be honest the Cyan studios put out an even more beautiful and stimulating pixel world). I still would like to see more virtual educational platforms and I think I would enjoy seeing C. Beck’s theater production. All in all perhaps I had my day there a few years back!! I was so enthused then but my imagination got sidetracked into an other direction. I’m calling myself a virtual tourist/observer!!


    • Yordie says:

      HI Cybele… I’m on a similar track to you with regard to getting the magic back. In a way it’s like hoping to regain our youth. SL was like a second innocence for me, but too many cynical and hateful souls managed to impose themselves in my 2nd life. At times though, I feel a flicker of the joy I once felt.

      As for Becky’s shows, I’ve seen a couple but didn’t see Romeo & Juliet or Paradise. I think she’s found a niche that is right for her creative spirit. The funny thing is, once she was inspired by what I was doing to create a second life.

      It is difficult to reignite your spirit but I’m pretty sure that staying around, even if just for an event like this, is necessary. I’m just very reluctant to engage at this point. In the past, I over-engaged and that’s one of the reasons I got pulled down. Just sayin… 🙂


      • riverpearl says:

        Yordie, thank you for mentioning “cynical and hateful souls” as I am working my way through figuring out how to maneuver through this and I’m finding that any mention of it brings pressure to just be in denial and silence or express only positive, fluffy opinions.

        I know there are lovely souls in SL but I brought my innocence and childlike wonder and have encountered narcissists, sociopaths and total self-promoters. I’m needing to step back and be more of a grown-up about being a virtual resident and to walk away quickly from any vibe of people needing to be very important, special or to control things.

        I’m finding some good role models on the mainland, avatars who quietly go about making their virtual world work for them. I visited the remainder of the exhibits at SL11B in the wee hours of this morning and am encouraged and looking forward to the future of virtual reality. Just as my typist has different tastes than she did five years ago, it makes sense that my world would evolve and I’d become more discerning about what to become involved in. It’ still a magical world for me but not a place to navigate unguarded.

        Ahhh…and now I’ve typed a rather long comment. 🙂


        • Yordie says:

          Hi Pearl… I think you’ve identified the most important method of dealing with those wicked peeps crawling around, just walk away. When you see who they are, hiding behind their avatar masks, then you just apply the rule: “i’m here to have fun”. I’m sorry to say though, we may have lost our innocence forever. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the good things we find. There is so much to explore and try, and I believe you are right about those quiet people making things work. Hugs 🙂


          • yes, it’s difficult once you have had disillusionment or “lost innocence” but as pearl says “proceed with caution.” It’s better to have one’s eyes open to both the positive and negative!


          • Yordie says:

            Yeah, our eyes are open and that’s good. i’d rather have my second innocence back. maybe we’ll find a third innocence some day. hehe


        • Yes, a few bad apples really spoil the sauce!! The magic is in the beholder’s eye and it’s good if you still find it!!


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