Fallout 4 Continued…

Okay, I went back into Fallout 4 on “Regular” level. It was obviously harder than “Easy” level but after I got a good sniper rifle (a ‘pimped out’ 308 bolt action with scope) things started to settle down. I intended to go grab all the goodies I knew about, but I quickly learned that the difficulty slowed me down enough to make it always interesting. Also, at the regular setting there were a lot more Legendary enemies I had to overcome.

This is my little bar and restaurant where Sanctuary Hills settlers go after work to share some brew, iguana on a stick, and talk about how they whipped those raiders. heh.

Anyway, I’m currently at Level 34 and despite the fact that I rescued Nick Valentine several levels back, I don’t intend to go looking for Shawn before turn 40 or even later. Right now I have ten linked settlements: Sanctuary, Abernathy, Tenpinnes, Starlight, Greygarden, Oberland, Greenway, Taffington, County Crossing and the Castle. Sanctuary and Starlight are my major settlements (currently 16 each, but I’ll increase them soon) and the Castle is growing to a major settlement quickly.

The thing is, I really like building settlements. It reminds me of my days in Second Life when I would build Zen gardens and different versions of the Harvest Moon Café. Anyway, I finally figured out how to take screenshots in Xbox One, so the lead photo is of my bar and restaurant at Sanctuary Hills. I just love the way that settlers and shop keepers know how to behave in the setting you create. The game is an absolute fascination to me.

PS: I know my little settlement is nothing compare with the prize winners. Those guys are awesome but I still love the building.

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